hello december...


and hello december daily...

jamie pate >>> december daily

last week i finally was able to take some time to 'shop' my stash for this year's december daily.
silver and gold have been on my mind for a long time...
and is the inspiration behind this year's book.
this activity may or may not have caused me to be a little giddy...
because december daily for me was the first project life...
i love recording these days and slowing them down a bit.
to pull the books out from year to year and read and remember and reflect is so deeply meaningful to me.

jamie pate >>> december daily

this year i chose to use the Chipboard Binder from Heidi Swapp.
i covered it with white acrylic paint and then a pearl acrylic to give it some sheen.
the confetti stencil was used to add some bubbles...which remind me of champagne.
pink paislee's glitter numbers came in handy for the date title.

jamie pate >>> december daily
i tend to keep the covers real clean and simple as they get handled so much.

jamie pate >>> december daily
there are a few pages pre-done already. 
my goal is to do them ahead in groups of five and keep them simple enough to just add photos as i go.
more stenciling is used inside with gold metalic paint.
i always have a front pocket to sort of summarize the season as i see it at the time. it is layered with some Believe Paper and Buzz Word.

jamie pate >>> december daily
day one is always a family photo. i know that does not exactly tell the story of december 1, but it tells the story of what our december daily is all about. it starts with our family. it is memories for us. in many ways it is a personal book but open to share with anyone.

this year's album will follow this sequence of pages:
1. clear page
2. half tab page
3. full tab page
4. page protector
5. folded page
this will be repeated over and over again throughout. 
it is simply easier for me if i have a pattern to follow. i don't have to recreate the wheel every time i make a page. i simply do it again. 

jamie pate >>> december daily

page one is a bit more elaborate then the rest will be. this one starts with acetate clear paper, and is layered with a gold doily, scallop ribbon sprayed with tinsel and gold lame, a few Believe Banner Delights, a Pink Paislee luxe star and glitter words spelling HELLO. all that is layered on a Color Magic Note colored with gold lame and one of my designs a notched banner number. i painted it with modge podge and then glittered it.

jamie pate >>> december daily

so have you ever done a december daily before?
have you started this years?
it is never too late to start.
i invite you to take this journey.
keep it simple.
keep it doable.
print those photos.
and tell your story of december.

till next time...


  1. This is so gorgeous! I'm in love with the color combo you chose...what a fabulous start to this amazing project! xo

  2. It's already absolutely stunning!

  3. Hey girl... you did it again... you stunned me beyond words:D I love the color combination... love the feeling... love the glitter! Really looking great!!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Jamie this is just exquisite ...