xyron and heidi swapp


the heidi swapp media team is blog hopping this week with xyron...
because their products totally rock.
yesterday maridette shared this fabulous ornament using the creative station. i really want to try this.
and kim shares a cool tip with sequins and the xyron sticker maker with a video too.

on heidi's blog today i share how the fabulous Double Sided High Tack tape was so useful to make sure this hidden binding memory file album is sure to stay together. you can go there for those details.

here today i hope to inspire you to make fabulous memory file albums for your gift giving this year.
i mean seriously...mother's and mother in laws love them!
they do.

jamie pate >>> memory file gift giving
so this is a gift for my mother in law and is chock full of photos of her grand babies.
TIP: we took family photos in the fall. and i will be doing that again! i have loved having those photos available early for gifts and calendar making not to mention actually having a family christmas card to send.

jamie pate >>> memory file gift giving

today i want simply to show you the details and pages of this album.
it is my new favorite. i will have a hard time giving it away.
i am sure to be making another for me...
after i make one for my mom that is.

so grab a cuppa and enjoy...

as always, lots of layers are incorporated. a clear page with different textures and page sizes behind. love it when peeks invite you into an album.

jamie pate >>> memory file gift giving
i simply printed lots of the photo shoot in sizes from 6x4 to about 4x3. this album holds about 40 photos total.

jamie pate >>> memory file gift giving
as always, lots of Heidi Swapp products both past and present. color shine makes it so easy to add colors and hues to the pinks, coral and gold that makes up these pages. and i adore mixing all her products up...here you see some color magic, vintage chic (still my all time favorite collection) and serendipity all mixed in together in what i think is a beautiful book.

jamie pate >>> memory file gift giving
i stole an idea from heidi of fancy cutting one of the patterns from the 12x12 color magic paper and making it an additional element.

i created a series of pages for each member of the family...mr. pate and i having our own page. i included a page protector page that i cut up and inserted a pocket of confetti pieces, a pocket that includes the word quotes printed on vellum, and then a few more photos.
jamie pate >>> memory file gift giving
on the other side are a few candids of us too. i did this for each one of us. as well as included a journal flap that is a sort of biography of our year to share with my mother in law.

the rest of the pages are of the kids:
jamie pate >>> memory file gift giving
jamie pate >>> memory file gift giving
jamie pate >>> memory file gift giving
jamie pate >>> memory file gift giving
jamie pate >>> memory file gift giving
i had to share an extra page of the little guy...these photos just kill me of him!!!

time flies.
the years are fading away.
creating these albums for gifts as well as myself slows time down just a bit.
causes a pause.
a reflection.
thank you for letting me share this project with you. hoping it brought some inspiration to you today.

until next time...


  1. Your project is beautiful! Isn't a wonderful feeling when you give a gift of yourself and the recipient loves it as much as you do?

    1. sweet sentiment, karey. thank you for your words.

  2. GORGEOUS! I am doing something similar to this for each of my grandchildren. I take photos all year and write down notes of what they did throughout the year. I am going to give it to them when they turn 18 so they can look back at their childhood. At my age I have forgotten a lot of my childhood memories and don't want them to have this problem. By the time I am through it will probably be many books that they receive because I just can't stop recording the memories I always make a duplicate page for myself so I can keep the memories close! Thanks or sharing your memories with me!

  3. OMG! I love every single album that you do!