one little word 2014 ~ jamie pate
Seek encompasses so many things. But what I am really seeking here is connection. Connecting to this word this year in a daily way. My first list of things to do:: Seek daily.
For me that is a spiritual seek. To start the day quiet. Meditate. Read scripture. Pray. That is the most important seeking I can do.

one little word 2014 ~ jamie pate
But as a mentor of mine once said, "one has to always be re-creating themselves for a new success". (Note to self, quotes from a mentor would make a really great mini album.) So for me, the morning activity of seeking is a hub, if you will, a jumping off spot for seek to work it's way into the whole of my day. To be open to re creating myself and looking for new success.

one little word 2014 ~ jamie pate
And I do not mean monetary success, although that would be a rather wonderful benefit, but the success of who I am all suppose to be. To become. To seek the hidden that I can hide so well so as to become all I am to be.

one little word 2014 ~ jamie pate
I cannot underestimate the power of a single word to guide one through their year. I like to break up other aspects of my life with other single words or phrases, but a primary word is very important to help drive those other areas. While I have chosen a word for the past 5 or 6 years now, I have not always purposed to be active with it daily or even monthly. I am thankful that Ali Edwards provides this One Little Word online workshop, to help facilitate one's spiritual endeavors with a creative spill over. This month's prompts are not very creative, but they are thought provoking. I am keeping my book for now fairly basic, as I want those thoughts to take center stage for me when I re read my answers to the prompts.

I invite you, if you have not already, to come join a community of one little words and seek to find that which is leading you this new year.

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  1. Seriously Jamie love this looks incredible. gives me goosebumps. are you just completing this project in a regular binder? i love it so far. your handwriting....divine. love you girl. xoxo