no small thing


As I begin to get back into the swing of things from being down sick most of the month of February, I have been in a reflective mode as to what life has been lately. out of my control. Yep. Pretty much. A real lesson in letting go. Going with the flow. Making my mind slow down and be still and take notice. This month has been so many things.

jamie pate

In this reflection a lot of people come to mind who were part of my care and helping and giving of their time and energy while I was down.

jamie pate

So a couple of things came out of this reflection...a layout. Typically this is a response to a memory I want to save.

jamie pate

A layout celebrating with a single photo my thoughts on this subject. I took the photo I had in my instagram feed of my sister's get well basket to me, and that was the focal point of my thoughts and this project.

This layout was inspired by a Keisha Campbell page and was a primer in getting back into a creative swing. When I am in a creative funk, I will look to other creatives for ideas. Sometimes, just looking at other peoples stories and their projects will start that inspiration in my mind and heart and then I can go from there.

jamie pate

This layout was also inspired by the new Dreamy collection from Heidi Swapp that will be shipping next month to stores and online places. It is this soft mix of hues and textures. Lots of 'love' inspired words and labels. The sentiment seemed to me to fit the theme of this page as it is really about the love that was shown to me and my family these past weeks.

jamie pate

Lastly, this page was inspired by Lisa Jo and her Five Minute Friday. Five Minute Friday is an invitation to write for 5 minutes on a subject that she chooses, and then link it up to her blog. Well...I have never been brave enough to do this, much less link to her blog. But this time I did. This time I went for the challenge, went with the flow of something new coming into my life and prompting a response...
and I would like to put myself out there and share those words, that are now part of this layout, with you::

There is nothing done small in His name. Flowers given to share love. A gift basket extending "get well". A meal served to help a family in need. Children picked up and delivered to their destinations. Nothing. Small.
He told us that "as you do to the least of my brothers you have done it unto me".
A heart card from a child to a mom.
A visit received when one is too sick to get out.
The simple asking "is there anything I can do?"
The simple doing, when the question is not answered.
He never put a measure on it.
Save for "whatever".
Whatever we do to the is as if we do it for Him.
I have been least. In many ways. I am recovering. But I will not forget the great things done when I was least.
Even the simplicity of the gift of rest.
Nothing is small to Him.
Nothing. Small.

jamie pate

This was a very meaningful exercise in many ways.
I invite you too to take time in the near future and document a real meaningful memory for you as well. I can assure you, you will not regret it. Take a photo that captures the essence of your heart. Then write. Write about it. Write freely and without judgement. Be a noticer of the things in your heart and then let it go out for others to know too.

till next time...


  1. Jamie this is just so lovely, your little touches make it a perfect layout, so so so glad you are on the mend as well..........

  2. Thank you for sharing such a thoughtful, pretty project. Continue to feel better.