happy spring stencil inspiration


So did you see this announcement yesterday on HeidiSwapp.com?
She pulled together several stencil ideas from the Media Team and made available project sheets for each one!
For free!
Just follow this and you can click on the images to download one or two or all of them!!!

Stencil Ideas Free Printables ~ jamie pate

Now I will not go into all the details here, as you can download how I did my cards...but I wanted to share some up close details with you.  If you follow along much here at all, you know what I think about cards...I love them so much. Little canvases of creativity ready to share with someone who needs to hear of your gratitude, your love, or that you hope for a quick recovery.

Stencil Ideas Free Printables ~ jamie pate

This color combination has been a friend of mine this late winter. I love that Navy Color Shine with almost anything. It is truly a must have color for this spring.

Stencil Ideas Free Printables ~ jamie pate

This card is made of up lots of layers as I continue to love the interest that it creates. You have to know...I try to make these projects flat...it just does not work for me.

Stencil Ideas Free Printables ~ jamie pate

The new stencils, which this little mini class is all about, are so. fab.u.lous!!! They have this addictive quality about them...really they do.That Mustard Color Shine sitting on that Navy and acrylic paint...fun fun technique!

Be sure to head over to the blog to pick these project sheets up by way of download.
And tomorrow...a little bonus Saturday post...I will be sharing the other card I did for the project.

Have a most wonderful Friday.


  1. oh Jamie this one is exquisite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. OH My...Gorgeous! I've bypassed that Mustard color--now I must have! ...also I just saw your Studio On HS blog--hee-hee, Can I move in? :) Anna