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I am over at Pink Paislee with a "What's App?" post. I am sharing one of the mobile photo editing apps used quite often on my photos from my phone or device.  And while I enjoyed sharing that little techy insight, I am sort of crushing on this page right now.

This is my oldest daughter and I playing it up in selfie style. We were simply goofing around one day with my phone. But as I look back at these pics, they are totally us right now. Fun. Goofy. Enjoying of one another. That girl is truly sunshine and happy days. Hello Sunshine from Pink Paislee's winter/spring collection is a perfect blend of pattern and color + words to celebrate this girl and where she is right now in her young life.

This really was a lot of fun to put together. Gave me pause to add a lot of words that reflect my girl. The Chipboard Alphas...yeah...they really are as yummy as they look. They are staggered down the middle with hot glue to keep them sort of wonky but in place. With my kids getting older, as I create these pages with them in mind, words are as important to me as ever. To relay to them their personality right now as they are becoming young adults. To share with them my view of things as I am fairly sure they will read these pages and might actually pay attention to what is here, rather than always hear what I am saying straight to them. Ah...the power of words+photos+pretty paper.

See? More words. Easily stamped on a scrap of pattern paper from Pen Pals. I thought the color was a fun pop against the hues of Hello Sunshine. And a great home for more words to describe my girl.

And lots and lots of layers. What is a page from me without a layer or two??? Well, it would not be one of my pages.

Just wanted to share with you a little bit of the back story to this page today as the post over at Pink is about the app, and not the layout. But just between you and me, I'm all about the layout!!!

Have a fabulous day!!!

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