ode to my mama


Greetings my friends...
it's been a busy busy two weeks...
and now it is already mom's day!!!

ode to mom | jamie pate

Sharing today a little o' layout I did today of my mama. I woke up thinking about her today...and this is what came about those thoughts...

ode to mom | jamie pate

My mom just had breast cancer surgery this past month. She came through it beautifully, but it has not been without it's difficulties. She has been in a lot of pain and discomfort. It has taken her a bit to get back into the swing of her social life as it is just a bit too difficult for her to even travel in a car. She has had challenges with her medications wreaking havoc with her body. She continues to have lots of medical information given to her that requires a lot of processing and decision making. HOWEVER...through it all...she has smiled. Been upbeat. Smiled. Laughed. Celebrated Easter. Smiled. And endured it all with consummate grace. It's been a beautiful journey to be a part of.

ode to mom | jamie pate

The 'life is beautiful' paper from Dreamy was perfect for a page about my mama. The Dreamy Jumble Words were spot on to embellish this page and add a spirit of what I was feeling while creating this mom page. I had to add some artistic touches using that dang Polka Dot stencil that I love so much. A bit of matte gel and gesso and Blush Color Shine gave me wonderful dimension over the Mini Dot stencil that I used and misted with Blush as well.

ode to mom | jamie pate

More dots on manila. I love that look so much. And another Jumble Word added to my page too.

Here is to you if you are a mom. I hope this is a celebratory time for you. It's not always been for me. But I found in my life that I had to do some changing. Some forgiving. Some letting go of junk that just did not matter. My mom will attest to that. She too has had to do the same. Today we enjoy a renewed relationship and we simply love and accept each other for who we are. No expectations. Just acceptance. It allows a real sweetness in our lives together. And for that I celebrate this Mother's Day.

till next time...


  1. What a beautiful page for a beautiful woman! The design is really amazing as well as your layering! I wish you a very happy Mother's Day Jamie!

    1. Thank you so much Nathalie. Love hearing from you.

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    1. Thanks Sarah. Appreciate you stopping in.