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So here we are and it's February.
Was that not the fastest January to pass through our fingers ever?

With that in mind there are a few things I am thankful for.
first off Heidi Swapp's Capture 30. That was the best way to start off this year with daily prompts intended to inspire intention. And for me that is just what it did. I am deeply grateful to Heidi for all the work and love and time she shared with that class and how it will impact the rest of my year by way of #onelittlethingeveryday as well as the Memory Planner that will walk with me daily and be a documented reminder of the blur.

I am thankful next for Ali Edward's class One Little Word.
I have taken this class for several years now. I have always started strong and then fizzled at the end. Just when I should be paying more attention TO my word and seeing it through the very end. Sometimes you just get tired of a word. Not last year, SEEK was the best intention I could have come up with. Probably the most powerful of all my olw's.

Sharing the beginning of this year's prompts from Ali's class:

One Little Word ~ January @jamiepate

To start is sort of a follow-through with Ali's process. I kept going back and forth with whether I wanted to do a smaller album this year or not. But in the spirit of keeping things simple right now, I went ahead and opted to add this new word to an existing album and keep with the same size format.

One Little Word ~ January @jamiepate

Following the prompts from the class, cards were filled out to guide us through the beginning introduction to our word and help us to get acquainted. I delayed on purpose to work through these january prompts as I really wanted to think on my own terms about this word and what I was goaling for with it this year.

One Little Word ~ January @jamiepate
Not only is this a great mental exercise, the creativity aspect is always a plus. It slows one down a bit to think through as hands are busy putting the parts together in a please and aesthetic manner. This is always the part of the process about creativity that I love the most. The thinking that comes through with the creativity.

One Little Word ~ January @jamiepate
So what is going on here creatively:
Yet another form of pocket scrapbooking. The visual basis for this first month was lots of gold, black and touches of mintish-blue.  A photograph of me, taken by Maggie Massey, is part of the prompt. Me right now to trigger what is going on with the right now. Another photo that for me sort of depicts a bit about my word. Lots of gold paint on the card prompts. A confetti pocket with sequins, a foiled butterfly as well as extra little punches. Of course there is my word that I created digitally that is my mantra for the year. And then lastly a card I painted with gold metallic paint and added butterflies, one of my favorite icons, and a great example of fly.

So welcome to a new year. A new month. A new word.
If you have not followed this process before, I invite you to do just that. There are aspects to be discovered about you that can be found in this creative, emotional and mental process.

Here is to a beautiful Monday.

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