happy day


it's my birthday.
and i have more than my share on my mind and heart right now.
it's just that time of life where there is a whole lot going on and you feel it is up to you to keep it all together.
that feeling.
now there is another side to that emotion.
and it is this.
i have a whole lot to be thankful for and happy about even in the midst of the 'whole lot of'.
the whole-lot-of is a reminder that i have been blessed with the work of my hands, that happens to include many souls that are in my care.
and i get one chance at it.
and thank GOD for forgiveness.

 i want to celebrate with all you lovelies in this creative and visual community that i am apart.
below are a couple of files for cutting...
my birthday present to you.
to remember...
to have a...
click for dfx file

click for png file

I only ask you use these for personal use only. Let's be good to one another in that way.
and have the best day today!!!


  1. Enjoyed your post! I believe the older we get (and I am older than you) the more our soul feels what you put in to print today!! Have a Happy Birthday! It's yours! Enjoy it..
    And thank you so much for the beautiful cut file. It is already sitting in my silhouette file..anxiously waiting..

  2. Thank you, Jamie and happy birthday! 😀

  3. Hope you had the happiest birthday yet ;) love checking on your creations on your blog ;)

  4. Just found your blog. You are so talented. Thanks for the free download.