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There are so many reasons to document and make creative all at the same time.

imagine | Pink Paislee Atlas  #travel #journey #document #ppAtlas #tradlayout
We talk so often of telling our story.
Telling their story.
But I struggle with the stories that have not the opportunity of 'The End.

imagine | Pink Paislee Atlas  #travel #journey #document #ppAtlas #tradlayout

For you see...
this girl and I are on a journey.
Not unlike many journeys that many a mom and child have been on.
This girl and I have been on a journey of discovery to a place called learning disability.

And it's a journey that only shows us a few steps at a time.

imagine | Pink Paislee Atlas  #travel #journey #document #ppAtlas #tradlayout
Part of my personal creative journey is to talk to my kids through these picture books I create for them. While I am in the midst of pulling color and photo and words and icons together, I am thinking deeply of the subject at hand. Praying. Meditating. And sometimes even crying. Because I take the time to create said stories and store them away in many an album, it gives way to opportunity later down the road and look back at a place in time. To remember. To reflect. To actually see how God was leading us all along. Even when we did not know where the destination was to end.

imagine | Pink Paislee Atlas  #travel #journey #document #ppAtlas #tradlayout
When my children doubt my decision on a matter (not that THAT ever happens),  I am often heard to tell them, 'trust me, I always have a reason for what I say'. Same is true for when I create. There is almost always a reason behind the creating a page of photo and image. There is authenticity that can be found behind it.

She and I will need to imagine our way through the unclear path before us. And this will require a new kind of faith on both of our parts.

imagine | Pink Paislee Atlas  #travel #journey #document #ppAtlas #tradlayout

PinkPaislee's Atlas is found all over this page. A travel themed collection. Because...we will travel this together.

supplies used on this project:
Pink Paislee | Atlas
pattern paper: Souvenir. Take Flight. Here&There.
Puffy Stickers

Heidi Swapp: pattern paper Hello Today
Marquee Love Tape
Color Shine Teal

label: Studio Calico
watercolor paper: Canson

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  1. this is SO beautiful. as are YOU. as is SHE.
    thank you for sharing this amazing project.