graduation 2015


It's here...
graduation 2015.

My oldest graduates today with a year of college to boot.

Sometimes it can be really hard to raise children. Someone close to me once said: "It's suppose to be hard." And that's a truism.

So where there is an opportunity to celebrate, well that is just what you do. So today we celebrate this young man and the first big academic milestone. And that is graduation from high school.

You know how you have so many hopes and dreams for your child. That very often those desires over shadow other important things. I think we as parents can let our wants for our children give way to forgetting their accomplishments. We want so much for them, that sometimes that which they are doing right now gets ignored. And that's not right.

This oldest son of mine has not only completed high school, but he is half way to his desired degree. He holds down a job and is advancing in that job. He attends church regularly and has good friends who do the same. He has dreams he works to develop and hone daily. He has a girlfriend that he respects as well as a good relationship with her parents. He has many adult male friends who check on him and hold him accountable. He has family who loves him dearly, more dearly than he will ever know. All that alone should make for a very happy and fulfilled life.

I am grateful for all the good in his life. I can't believe it was just yesterday he was sitting next to me in our little guest room on an old futon couch teaching him to read. That reading took off for him in huge ways and is one of his greatest strengths. He is an amazing reader of many great books.

One way I am celebrating this weekend is to have GRAD in lights. I took G-R-A-D Marquee Love letters and 'Minc-ed' them up. I had to keep this real simple. 12x12 Minc paper was foiled with gold and now sits up straight and celebrates this memorable occasion.

It's so easy to add fun to any occasion with these lights. And seriously, I need it real simple right now with a house full of people and a party to throw tomorrow.
So if you have a GRAD occasion coming up here soon, or any occasion for that matter, run by Hobby Lobby and pick up these supplies to put your party in lights.

And remember...cherish the really does go by fast.

All supplies can be found at Hobby Lobby. Click HERE for more.

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