journaling confessions


This layout I am to share with you today was created for the Pink Paislee blog and is posted here. That particular assignment was called Design Lab. Design Lab is a study in what goes into memory keeping. The elements that bring it all together for a particular scrapbook style. You can read all the details for that focus on the Pink blog.

What I want to point out here today are photos. In that article I talk about how photos are my starting place. I alluded to the fact that THAT point might seem redundant. But I don’t think everyone does indeed start with the photo. But for me, I gather the images of the moment in my mind and a story starts to form. The story of our life.

One thing that came to the surface as a reminder to me while creating that post, was journaling. I did not list that as a design element. And that’s because, by way of confession, I have let that part of the telling fall off. 

Cathy Z recently reminded me of the richness that comes from truly journaling our stories. She takes such beautiful detail in her telling. She struck a nerve in me. I am not doing my story telling justice. I am not really telling the stories well. I am skipping over that for the supposed sake of creativity and am forgetting the very core of why I take the time in the first place.

So here I am today to place a new line in the sand. I am going to be more purposeful and intentional about my telling. And it starts with the layout right here. I will pull this precious memory out again and tell how we just simply were together the morning of Mother’s Day. How the simplicity of being together in these casual ways speaks to my heart. It’s a peaceable way to celebrate a day, and it meant so much to me. The goofiness of my girls and littlest and how they really act together. The making of breakfast by my oldest daughter in our kitchen. The coming together at table like we do every Sunday morning and the richness that that time is. And how my littles kids (not being so little any longer), love to hang and play a game on the iPad and just talk and banter back and forth. All while still in our jammies.

Simple simple little moments found in our home right now.


  1. So true!!! I can totally relate to this. I have lost all my desire to tell stories on my pages and it needs to change. Thank you for the motivation!

  2. I think those comments are your journaling right there. Beautifully spoken, too.