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Current Favs | @jamiepate

One of the end of the month things I do is review my planner. It's a way to review the blur of the month and begin to settle into the next month. 

It's a way to keep track of goals, dreams, or plans that are not completed and move them forward and keep them visual. It's a way to count my blessings from the month and stay mindfully grateful for what I have and for even what I don't have.

A new discovery was made this last month. I simply started jotting down at the end of January several things that had come to my attention. Items that may not be new, but certainly are of importance to me. Fresh ideas that came across my screen or desk and I wanted to remember them. Thus is born my current favs. This is a theme I would love to keep at every month. But allow me to share last months here with you today.

  • My Planner. This could be a current fav for every month. As I become more acquainted with how I have this year's planner set up, I have fallen in love with it all over again. Photo here is from a post I did for Heidi Swapp about the large Memory Planner new for 2016. I keep this as a daily journal, memory-keeping, goal setting, inspiring planner. I use a separate planner for my daily life. But this binder is home to helping me keep track of the blur and gratitude and most special memories. I'll try to avoid posting this every month as a current fav. For more details on how I am using you can visit here and here.

Current Favs | @jamiepate

  • My new brick wall. This is a bit of a work in progress. I have had it in my vision to 'brick' a wall in my front room for a while now. It's a wall that is longing for some texture and interest. It is very focal and I have plans for some serious gallery wall DIY happening here. So I asked my husband, ok...well maybe I told him...I need a brick wall. This was a very DIY venture and we learned a thing or two for next time...yes...I have hopes for a next time. This may be it's own post, cause I am pretty excited how it turned out after I got my paint brush to it. Maybe next month.

Current Favs | @jamiepate

  • Ali Edwards Story Kits - Heart. My dear friend, Lindsay told me about how much she loved Ali's Story Kits. She was so convincing, that I had to give them a go. Not only did I HAVE to purchase the kit, but the stamp kit was so great that it fell into my cart as well. Ali Edward's does not do anything half way. These kits, as well as class content that is included, are so full of inspiration and thought. It has really been a great boost to my whole theme of "Getting Back to Basics" this new year. This kit might just be a new monthly habit.
  • Paperclipping Roundtable. Sort of embarrassed to admit, but I have only listened to one of these podcasts previous to the one I listened to from January. I was so intrigued and inspired by that discussion. I mean, just to hear Izzy laugh is enough to want to tune in. Hosts Noel and Izzy Hyman talked about Setting Yourself Up for an Awesome Year of Scrapbooking with Karen Grunberg and Jennifer Wilson. There was lots for me to glean from listening. I recommend the same for anyone interested in scrapbooking and the thoughtful things that surround it.
  • Daily blog reads. Along the same theme as above,  I have sort of renewed myself to read a couple of blogs daily. Now this may sound silly. But I just do not often get the time. It's a complete luxury. But reading Ali Edwards daily does something for my focus and look at daily life. Tim Holtz, he is so freakishly creative, this is a read that simply amazes me and inspires my own creativity. Jennifer Wilson is a new discovery. She is so thinky and process oriented. I am learning from her too. And that's just it. These are creatives who I can grow and learn from and that is such a focus of mine anyway.

Current Favs | @jamiepate

  • 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth. Anything John Maxwell is like intellectual candy to me. I just swallow it whole and only want more. I have been reading this book for months now. I take each chapter, which is each a law, and pour over it. I write so much that is prompted from this book. I hope it is having an impact on me....cause I think it is. 

  • Genesis. I read the book of Genesis last month. Talk about back to basics. It was such a valuable read to me. It's been said that everything you need to know can be found in Genesis chapter 1-11. I am inclined to understand and believe that the older I get and the more I read. God's love for us is so prevalent in that book and the stories found therein. I suggest the read to you too.

Current Favs | @jamiepate

  • Fast Scrapping. I love creating scrapbook pages. But I had to simplify this process. While I love it I am also behind in some personal memory keeping goals. My solution right now is two fold. 1. Create kits. When I know the story I want to tell, I go around and grab supplies and embellishments that I need, and then work really hard to keep to just those items. It keeps me focused, and it makes less of a mess. Both of those are a bonus to me! 2. Pre-edit. Trying to be good about editing and printing photos ahead of time, so that when I am ready to actually play and create and tell a story, I can do just that. This takes some forward thinking on my part. It's not perfect yet. But I am moving in the right direction.

So those are my current favs. Would love for you to weigh in on any of these. Nice to know what is a fav in your life right now too.


  1. I bet that wall is going to be gorgeous! I would love to see a post with details!

  2. so....i am LOVING this feature J. seriously. thank you for sharing a piece of your heart with us. xoxo i love you! super inspiring. xxx ooo