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Share the Story of Easter | @jamiepate @heidiswapp

Easter season is in the air...

As an evangelical I have been following along with Lent for many weeks now. This time of year is very insightful and meditative and full of hope as it leads to Resurrection Sunday. The whole reason we celebrate. Without Christ's resurrection, I have no hope for this life here as well as the life that comes after.

Share the Story of Easter | @jamiepate @heidiswapp

The above image is part of a beautiful Easter presentation and printables that Heidi Swapp has made available on her blog. I invite you take some time to go read and watch as well as download her art that she has made available. It's a way to add another depth of meaning to this year instead of merely getting caught up in the new dresses, the brunch, and the bunnies. Those are all wonderful traditions to this holiday. But let's never lose site of the real reason for this holiday and every day life, Jesus Christ, his suffering, death and most importantly, his resurrection.


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