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Memorial Day. Celebrated this weekend in the States.

This time of year, May, so much is happening. School is letting out. Awards ceremonies. Graduations. Weddings. The season is finally changing here in the Rockies. And I am ready for a change in my house. A seasonal-reset I call it.

This is a sponsored post for Heidi Swapp but all the opinion and input is purely me.

Since Memorial Day kicks the summer off here in these parts, my home decor turns a bit patriotic. And I just can't help but bring the Lighbox into the mix. The Heidi Swapp Lightbox has this versatile vibe going on. I have seen it displayed within a clean, modern and trendy vignette. But, because it's a lighbox, it has this vintage thing happening too. Which for this holiday, Memorial Day, vintage is the perfect spirit for this decorative focus.

For the Lightbox I used the Bokeh background and layered on the Alphabet Letters in Black to spell REMEMBER. Those Lightbox accessories are available at Michaels exclusively.

This holiday is an authentic one for me and my family. My cousin's son, a lieutenant in the US Army, was killed by an IED in Iraq in 2006. Garrison Avery was a young man who began to dream at a very young age to be an officer in the military. He accomplished this by attending West Point and receiving an officers commission.

His death was and still is a shock to his family. The knowledge of his and so many other's sacrafice is not lightly carried in our hearts. So Memorial Day is not just about the beginning of summer and a lazy afternoon grilling burgers. Don't get me wrong, it is that...but it will forever be so much more than just that.

Part of this vignette includes a write up I did so my family would have a visual reminder as to what Memorial Day really is. An American holiday observed to honor men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military.

We makers, we like to celebrate. We love to put on a show whether it's home decor, gift items, or memory albums. But it's important to also celebrate the solemn days too. It's ok to put out the banners and marquee lights and make a show of remembering. Because if we have not our memories, we have nothing.

May your Memorial Day be a most blessed day.

Heidi Swapp Lightbox
Red Glitter Tape
Alphabet Letters in Black

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Marquee Star
Star Tape

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