november around here


hello november...

New months are always so refreshing to me.
The arrival of November really brings for me a settling of the season.

on my table
It's that little breath between the beginning of fall, which always ushers in a new schedule, and the lead up to the giving season.


The year has been a busy one of travel and family and teaching.
And while I love all that busyness and activity and what not...

on my sofa
I also really love being home.


For me the travel and being away almost every month since the beginning of summer always leaves something undone. And that's usually the needs of my home.

my view

My creativity is not just about telling stories and taking photos and making that all pretty on paper.

on my bed

My creativity extends past the pages and is learning to fill every corner of my life. Relationships. Ministry. Family. Writing. and Home.

This is not to begin to say that any of these areas of my life are efficient and perfect. Not even close. What they are, however, is a work in progress. The older I get the more I want all the places found in my life to be stamped with an artisan effect. My artisan soul.

Erwin McManus reminds me: 'We breathe. Therefore we create."

read this
For me that is a want to be found in every area of my life. I only have what I have. But what I have I want to shine with beauty and purpose and a way of life that does not settle. But rather lives.

Most recently I have returned to the influence of Myquillin Smith. You may know her as The Nester.  October she provided a daily photo prompt on her blog. Followers posted photos on Instagram with the hashtag #mycozyfallhome. While I came upon this inspiring photo scavenger hunt late, I still attempted to exercise these prompts in an attempt to not only clean up some needed areas of my home. But to also celebrate the simplicity of my home as I create in it a space for family, friends and celebrations.

in my vase
Thank you for stopping in today. For allowing me to share my heart with you. For letting me exercise my creativity in every area of my life.

Here is to a fresh start and new month.

Enjoy the rest of this peek into my fall home.

black and white

fav chair


in my kitchen
"It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful." ~the nester

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