happy birthday, heidi swapp


Happy Birthday to Heidi Swapp |@jamiepate to @heidiswapp

it's a happy happy birthday

There are people in your life that come and go through the years that render fond memories.
Then there are giants in your life that leave life long stamps of inspiration, love, insight, and knowledge.

Heidi Swapp is one of those women for me.

Happy Birthday to Heidi Swapp |@jamiepate to @heidiswapp

Making her a little card seems a very small gesture for attempting to relay to her all the amazing that she is.

But that's what we paper crafters do. We make. And we craft. And we attempt to share our love with others by what we hand make.

For this year's Heidi #HBD card I used Color Fresh. Do you know how weird it is to craft a card for a designer from their very own designs? Well. I did.
I use to make these large format cards all the time.
This one is about 3-inches wide by 8-inches tall.
I really love this format and need to do this way more often.

Happy Birthday to Heidi Swapp |@jamiepate to @heidiswapp

A technique I am super vibing right now is that Vicki Boutin Iridescent Texture paste. Using a dot stencil I just made from my Silhouette, I spread the texture paste over that stencil onto my oh so favoritest Acetate Paper. (See supply list below).
The card/tag now slips right inside that little holder.

Happy Birthday to Heidi Swapp |@jamiepate to @heidiswapp

The main concept of the card is just tags. Large tag. Then sentiment card on the large tag. Then another tag. Then an Insta Mini Frame that you can download for free from here and cut out on your cutting machine. And then smaller tags and Ephemera. Yep. It's all there.

Happy Birthday to Heidi Swapp |@jamiepate to @heidiswapp

The tag attached to the larger tag has a little funny on it. Cause. Man. With these getting older birthdays, ya gotta keep it light. Not even kidding.

So. If you see our friend, Heidi Swapp around today, be sure you tell her Happy Birthday.

supplies |
Heidi Swapp Color Fresh Paper Line

My very favorite acetate paper:

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