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Keeping a journal of lists by Jamie Pate @jamiepate

i'm a list maker

I said it.
LOL...as if there is shame in keeping a list.

Actually. I have always been a list maker. I have a planner that dates back to my high school years. Yeah. I still have it. Because it brings me joy. (Thank you, Marie Kondo)

And in that puffy purple covered planner I have days of lists.

Perhaps that's where it all started.

I can remember my mother having a grocery list on her refrigerator. Next to the week's menu list. And you guessed it...to this day...while mine may not be on my non-magnetic front refrigerator there is still an on going grocery and menu list. Honestly, I would be lost without both.

Today that list making has become a bit more on the obsessive side. It's my goal, and sincerely, I am still trying to actually do this everyday, but I write 10 things daily.

Why do I write 10 things every day?

Well there are a lot of therapeutic reasons for list writing. Join me in July as I focus on the Journal Studio product line and how those journals find their way into my every day life. List keeping being one of them. Can't wait to get that little blog campaign going. But for today, it's about habit.

I want good habits. And list writing and all the good brain reasons for writing lists is a good habit.

Man! do I wish I could actually make it happen every day. This blog post may serve as my line in the sand as I do just that: re-commit to writing in my book of lists daily.

Do you keep lists? Are there lists you can't live without? I would love to hear what type of lists you keep. I may just have to add it to my list.

If you too are interested in exploring the Journal Studio concept you can find the Heidi Swapp Collection right HERE. It's what I use for my book of lists.


And the following are just a few of my favorite things:

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