journal like you talk


two storytelling solutions

Two things I hear often when it comes to story telling or journaling:
1. I don't like my hand writing
2. I don't know what to say

And I get that.

I also believe there are solutions for most all our challenges. Most. Not all.

Solution number 1:
type. Type out your journaling. Either on a traditional typewriter (and honestly, I use my Typecast typewriter by WeAreMemoryKeepers ALL THE TIME).
Or if you are savvy on your computer use the word processor app or photo app and create text boxes to type and print your journaling. There are tons of tutorials out there on how to do just that.

For that matter use a notes app on your phone to do the same thing. I have solved one problem today.

Solution number 2:
Write like you talk.
That's all.
The best of the best bloggers out there say just that. Write like you talk.
You probably never are for lack of something to say, am I right?
So take those talking points about your day and journal your story.

Whew. I'm on a roll. I've solved two problems today and it's not even 8 yet.

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