let's begin again


Tired of the drive by? Let's talk about blogging once again by Jamie Pate | @jamiepate

its time to slow the drive by

They say blogging is dead.

The great committee of 'they'.

Why is it then that whenever I am looking for a recipe that the recipe is always to be found on a blog?
Or how to create a party table? On a blog.
Or those 100 blog post title templates? yeah. A blog.

I don't think blogging is dead.

Rather I think as with many trends, it is finding it's way back.

As Seth Godin says, reading blogs allows us to avoid the choke points that push us toward ad-filled noisy media.
I really like how he puts that.

Ad-filled noisy media.

Now I realize as I say that, that I may just be one of those noisy medias.
After all I work for Heidi Swapp and Paige Evans and my aim is to promote product so that you the reader will want and purchase said product.

I really hope I am not that noisy, because one of my true aims is to bring value to you and ideas and inspiration so that you will find creativity and connection here.

Honestly. That is one of my desires.

But I think on a whole blogging also brings value.

And I for one have fallen away from reading blogs like I use to. Honestly. I believe I miss it. While there can be good content on someone's Instagram feed (think Heidi Swapp and her insightful commentary) for me it's becoming such a drive by. Thinking I may just be getting tired of the drive by and I want content I can really enjoy and sink my mind into and also find value that is much more lasting that thumbing through my IG feed.

Can I get an amen?

OK. I have talked enough here. I have a question that I often ask friends, and I am going to be upping the asking as of right now:

What blogs are you reading? What are your favorites?

Please. I really want to know. Share below if you would what blogs bring you back again and again.


  1. The blogs of my favourite scrapbookers, gardening blogs, several design blogs, "The Art of Doing STuff", "Brown Paper Bag", "The Rude Pundit and "Dispatches from the Culture Wars".

    1. What a line up. Going to check some of these out. Thanks!