blogging is not dead


thank you

Thank you so much for responding to yesterday's question. If you did not read or did not answer the question I would love for you to do so HERE.

You all are great. Honest. Insightful.
Not only that. It gave me a bit of a look into who is reading. I was so happy to read and talk to you all. See. I knew blogging wasn't completely dead. (snort). have all given me some great thoughts. And I am happy to discuss this further. In the mean time, I have posted a wonderful (well...wonderful to me) mini album page sneak that goes live next week...

Here's a little insight on that too...
At JoAnn Stores they have a line of pattern paper pads called Park Lane. There is actually a whole line of accessories as well as adhesives under that brand name. I LOVE the collections they have available. Can't wait to show you.

OK...more on that next week...


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    1. Donna. You are kind. Thanks for stopping in.

  2. I prefer blogs over YouTube. Keep it up 😃

    1. do? Huh. That's interesting. I get the impression everyone wants the content on video. I actually prefer to read and see step outs myself. And I'm not just saying that. But I thought it was just me. That said, I have continued requests for YouTube tutorials. I will just continue to seek how to strike a balance. Thanks for your input!!!