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embellishing with Heidi Swapp Minc Collection

I have to admit, I don't get the Minc Machine out often enough.
But lately here I have had a few assignments for Heidi Swapp Media Team. It's been some creative happy time playing with many of the products and finding more ways to get Minc on the page or card or tag. You get the idea.

For today's post I have pulled out my big Minc Machine, the Glitter Sheets, Glue Pen, and that cutey little brush to use with the glue and the glitter.
Using Emerson Lane I crafted a couple of tags. Each has a (new to me) Minc technique. And I really do adore how they turned out.

1. First technique is what I all Die Cut and Glitter.

Using a Silhouette Machine cutting file, I cut out an open flower on some scrap paper.

Using the glue gun I 'colored' inside the open space of the cut onto the pink Emerson Lane tag. I let it get tacky. Then I covered with a sheet of the Gold Glitter. Ran it through the Minc Machine on a 4 setting. And I had a cute little gold glitter flower that is now part of the embellishment of this tag.

2. The second technique I call Glittered Die Cuts. I'm so fancy with my technique names.

The branch was also cut from a cut file on my Silhouette Machine. Then I 'colored' the entire branch die cut with the Glue Pen. Then that was run through the machine also on a 4. Now. After the glue gets good and tacky, you can 'glitter' without the machine by laying the glitter over the die cut and rubbing gently with your finger. I prefer the Machine method as I think it gives a more even coverage to the die cut.

3. The last technique I will show today is called Stenciled Letters & Glitter. Unless of course you have a better name for this.

Using the Alpha Tracing Template (I think a needed tool for more than the Minc use) I traced a small sentiment on my Emerson Lane tag.

Just using the Glue Pen like a, well, er...a pen...(duh) I traced through the template. This time I rubbed the glitter over the tacky glue. You can sort of tell the coverage difference, in case you were curious.

Three tags. Three Minc Techniques. Three ways to make your Minc Collection go even farther.

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