let the season begin


it's here!!!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program to announce that the season begins...today!!!

I know...you are asking...just where IS that paper crafty post.
Instead. Today. I am almost giddy. Yep. Because we are a football family.
Fall is football.
And yeah yeah..I hear you...today is only August 1st.
But the season starts today!!! (OK...so the pre-season starts today. But let's not be picky.)

So that means there are a couple things I have to explain here.

First...the Heidi Swapp Lightbox.

I love Heidi's Lightbox. It is a staple decorator, party embellishing item. You just can't go wrong to have this iconic and retro piece waiting to give celebration to all the events.

With a few of the packs of words and icon inserts the expressions are limitless. This Mega Pack has 100 letters and numbers. The vibe is sort of theater marquee. This fits many a party or family event theme. And...you just need to have these!

But wait...there's more.

To round out the letters you also need a few icons to throw in some fun. So this Mega Pack is full of emoji's and holiday icons and words and sentiments. I chose, of course, the 'football' and the 'goal!' to add to the feel of this particular Lightbox display.

It's just so easy. I usually have my 8 year old finding the letters and icons. And he loves to slip them in the Lightbox and say it in lights.

The embellishment around the Lightbox can be as elaborate or simple as one wants. We just set it up on the more important game events (did anyone say Sunday Night Football?). The whole afternoon or evening is in itself a family event.

Which brings me to another idea I want to share with ya'll...
The simplicity of adding a Lightbox to a family gathering just ups the event even that much more. It creates this space of, we are here, we are together, we are celebrating, and we are making memories. I will tell you...even the silliness of an afternoon of football, or ALL of my family gathering over at my parents for a throw down spread of game food and an evening of football is a memory maker for sure.

It's just as simple as that. Do you need a Lightbox to make family memories? No. But here's the thing, I am a believer in creating the environment you want to live in. Adding in fun factors like a lit box with a fun sentiment just does something. It makes the moment just a little bit more special. And I don't really think we could have too much special in our everyday lives.

Oh. And here is the paper crafty part: add Heidi Swapp pattern paper around the box to match the theme of your party. That tip was free. You can thank me later.

So let the season begin. Or whatever gathering and event you want to elevate. And make it fun and memorable with the Heidi Swapp Lightbox.

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