must have journaling on the go


when you go on a trip

I have always been a fan of scrapbooking on the go.
Just recently though this task of pulling together some must haves for documenting while traveling has taken a big hit from the minimalist side of me.
Now I call it:  'journaling-on-the-go'.
This for me is actually a doable approach to travel + documenting.

As I head out for a girlfriends extended weekend (and ladies, if you don't have this in your life, you need it...just sayin') I am gathering just a few things that I KNOW I will actually use while I am away.

This time I am listening to my inner minimalist and taking only a few items:
Stripe Journal Studio Kit
washi and colored pencils
Stencils + ruler (all in one in that cutey WRMK Magnetic Symbol Stencil set)
my favorite stapler (see HERE for more on that)
Journal Studio Stickers
Sticky Notes
paper clips
not shown: my favorite pen

I use the Journal Studio inserts already for my daily jotter. It's where my basic to-dos plus the notes from my day go. So I am already in the habit of using that. It will now make it easy for me to just add in extra stickers or a sticky note plus washi to give a day some extra attention.

Speaking of which, I always travel with washi. I can use the Journal Studio Stickers to give special attention to an event or place that was visited. Or even make a list of the things I want to make sure I do while I am traveling.

Very often while I am disconnected I have random ideas for future classes and videos or kits I want to make happen. I just add it to my page, separate it with a paper clip with cutey tassel, and then I can rest my brain knowing I have written the idea down, but it's no longer cluttering my mind.

I decided that the stapler was indeed needful. I like to gather ephemera or business cards from places visited. AND...I like to keep them all gathered and organized. I like a stapler to do just that for me.

Planner stickers are great for pointing attention to something extra special. Colored pencils do a similar job. Just a few items can go a very long way to get all kinds of documenting inside a Journal Studio journal.

Life IS indeed a journey. Even on our trips we get busy and think we will remember all the things. But I'm here to tell you that this mama-brain remembering all the things and checking in and making sure the kids got to their destinations needs to be able to write it down. Write down all the things is an obvious way to remember. Having just a few items to make that happen is just one way to journal on the go.


Heidi Swapp Journal Studio Collection

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