three cards using one cut file


Hey hey...
Card DIY in the house again...
You ready?

This post was originally for Paige Evans + Silhouette Design Team.
For this card project I challenged myself to use this oh so beautiful Leaf Swirls Cut File. Oh my gosh. This is such a gorgeous cut file. to use it three different ways on three different cards?
Cause you may or may not know that I love to make cards, but I love to make more than one card at a time. I always need a card. But I always need more than one card. Cause the world deserves to receive from us a something-something in the mail that shares our creativity and our love for that person.

Am I right?

So. Let's get on this.

Take a look at each of these three cards. Here is the supply list. And then make sure to catch the process video I just threw up on my YouTube channel.
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Here is the supply list for these cards: (and a whole lot of this stuff is on sale right now PLUS an extra 10% off with the code:

Bazzill White Cardstock (I love this cardstock!!!)
Watercolor Palette (this one is well loved by me)

Card one:

I just realized these are not in the order as they appear on the video. But you'll figure that out. I love how airy, delicate, and dare I say, feminine this cut is white on white. This may be my favorite cards.

Card two:

This cut file here takes a similar variation but takes on color with water colors. You'll see what I mean in the video.

Card three:

Lastly this card here is backed with watercolor wash all the while staying white and pretty.

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