three reasons to create a grateful mini album


Grateful Mini Album to make right now.

I did not even realize it. But looking through my stash of much loved mini albums, I realized that every year for several years now I have made mini albums of my kids and their right now. To say that this brings me joy is an understatement. To have years of minis with these kids and their lives in one place brings me much gratitude.

"It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful."

That's my own personal mantra about raising five kids. We are not perfect. Stuff and things and situations are always happening at all times. But it does not change the fact that these kids and their lives are beautiful.

Creating another album this year, it was a no brainer to reach for the Heidi Swapp Honey & Spice.

This post contains affiliate links, but the words, photos and sentiments are all mine. This is 100% me and my joy for creating with these products and ideas.

To be honest, I was really inspired by several things for this photo book.

First, a fun photo shoot. Actually. Several photo shoots. With the busyness of these kids and their schedules that do not line up with one another at all this year I had to do several shoots to get all these guys. And then that New Yorker? Well, just had to use a candid shot of him in NY. But I think I like it just the same.

The next thing I was inspired by was the Heidi Swapp Digital Thanksgiving Bundle she just recently made available. I love me a cut file. I love to cut these on cardstock, or pattern paper. I love how they appear to float on a page if you adhere them just right. Less adhesive is more.

In the image above I cut GRATEFUL on Honey & Spice Pattern Paper and then swiped it with Minc Reactive Art Screen Ink. Allowing the medium to dry well I ran it through the Minc Machine at setting 3 with Champagne Reactive Foil. (is there really any other color?) Really pleased with how this turned out.

The third thing I was inspired by to make this mini album may already be obvious. But it is the Honey & Spice Collection. While I have all the papers and tags and ephemera still mostly in tact (hoarding issues anyone?), I wanted to make this beautiful paper line visible and bring it on with this mini album.

For the inside of the album I also cut more Thanksgiving cut files. Some were sewn in with gold thread. Others were simply adhered with a liquid glue.

Most of the pages are interactive.

And mostly, because not every time, a photo of one of us was placed on the outside flap...

Then inside the flap I would add either paper or tag embellishment, or a word cut file. Oh..AND...the heart of this album, the story. Because this album is all about the story of right now. This is why I do this right? Well. files, pretty paper, Minc Medium play...yes. That is what truly gets me too. I love love to play with the stuff. All the pretty stuff brings me so much joy. But the story is and always will be the heart of the matter. All the details that seem insignificant now, really are not later.

Take a look at the rest of the pages.

A few ideas as I show you the rest of the Grateful Mini Album layouts:

trim a small square from pattern paper. Cut in half on the diagonal. Use as a photo corner.

Add Honey & Spice Stamps to the story pages.

Make pockets from your pages to hold additional story and journal notes.

The cut-away pattern paper from this collection is one of my favorites. Just trim. Layer on a vellum page. Add a bit of trim. And ta dah...another beautiful page added to the album.

Attach layers of paper to a page with trim and a staple.

Someone not able to make a photo shoot? Grab a candid. Especially in their environment. Make the best with the photos you have. And don't forget those wildly awesome Alpha Stamps from the collection. Swoon worthy.

And finally, add and alter an envelope to add to the mini album. Great space to hold additional cut files as well as any photos that did not make the album cut.

My hope is that this album inspired you to create one of your own. To celebrate where you and your people are right now. And to tell your story most of all.


Heidi Swapp Honey & Spice Collection


  1. Finally......I have been anxiously awaiting to your Gratitude Mini Album! They truly are an inspiration and what a great way to showcase how grateful and blessed you are to have such a wonderful family! Will there be a video process by any chance for this mini album?

  2. are so great...There is not a process video...yet...I may be able to do a walk through next week. But thank you so much for asking. You are not the only one. Have a great day!!!