2019 December Album | Days 13-15


2019 December Album | Days 13-15 December Daily

Welcome to Days 13-15

Here we are. A few days till Christmas. And I don't know about you, but these days just never really happen as planned. Am I alone here?

But what is a steady in my life right now, is intentionally looking for the good. Looking for the story. I think the December Album is more for me and my personal development, more than it is about anything else. I have learned so much this year. And for that I am extremely grateful.

Let's look at how pages 13-15 came together on the page:

2019 December Album | Days 13-15

2019 December Album | Days 13-15

This series of pages are shorter sized. I kind of like how that happened. It was more a matter of serving the story and photo rather than just making them 6x8-inches.

Some of these pages are just single photo stories. Guys!!! I think I really like that. I need to make a note to self for next year. Photo a day sort of idea.What do you think?

Still loving the pages that were pre-made. Although I did this one totally different than how others have played this hexagon page out. I like how this story is part of this book.

12-pocket page...this is a repeat page of sorts. I love to use this type of pocket page to tell an 'around here' kind of story. Filling in the pockets with some photos. With some embellishments.

And with some words. Still one of my favorite ways to add to my December Album.

Be sure to watch the video to see this no Minc Machine needed foiled embellishment.

Thank you again for watching and being part of this year's December Album.


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