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As we are in the middle of the first week of December, it may seem late to be sharing my foundation pages for my 2019 December Album. While I considered if it was worth while or not to do this post with the month having already begun, I decided to stop over thinking it, and just share what is going on in my December Album before I fill in the pages.

I know for me that as I look around at what other creatives are doing, that I don't usually care whether I am looking at a current year or whether or not I am watching a video from a year or two ago. For me, it's all inspiration. And it's not so much that I am looking to figure out how to make my pages, but rather I find motivation in just hearing how these documenters go about the stories themselves. What motivates them. Sort of their why for documenting what they do document.

One other note: having created December Albums now for 11 years, this is the first time I have actually even made foundation pages. This was actually it's own challenge to me, as one really is not quite sure what days will hold what stories. I credit Ali Edwards and her Product Play3 class for ensuing in me a huge level of motivation, and insight, and the down right want to have this book as ready as I could make it before the month began. I loved what this did for my intentionality for the days ahead. And you know what, I am hoping that this effort creates for me a bit of a slow down too, having pre-prepped a book that I seem to be more is better than less about.

And with that...let's look at these pages and some insight. A video is included as well that talks through these pages too.

Cover tag page

This year's December 2019 is primarily showcasing the Heidi Swapp Winter Wonderland Collection. Most papers in this book are from that. With transparencies from my stash. And a few digital/hybrid embellishments too.

Opens with a large tag. And the date. A different opening for me from past books. But creative thinking involves breaking out of established patterns...and this is a lot of what this book is about.

page 2 & 3

Page 2 is a pre deteremined page as it is also inspired by the ProductPlay3 class and is an accordion gratitude mini book.

Page 3 is an intentional page too. The plastic craft holds a hexagon design and the day marker...

day 3

Then under that page is a 12-pocket page protector that will hold an around my home sort of story.

Throughout the book I have added in tags with a family members name sewed on a hexagon to the front. I failed to show the other side of the tag, but it's a small little prompt for everyone to fill out. This was inspired by an Ali December Daily® from a few years back.

day 4

Day 4 is a 3-up page protector. I have no idea what this story will be yet. I simply adhered clear stickers from my stash to one of the pockets to mark the day.

day 5

Day 5 is a little complicated as to how I assembled it. See video for more details. The page is a sketch from a digital kit I have called Hexagon No. 7 by Soco. Right now it's in a page protector but I think I will be taking it out.

Another prompt tag. I won't show you any more of these. I think you get the idea.

day 7

Skipping to Day 7 as I have no idea where Day 6 went...oh me...
This is a 2 pocket page protector that was trimmed down to this size.

day 8

Day 8 is missing it's number. I will have that in place by the time Day 8 actually happens. This is a pocket page I made. It will be holding our Advent handouts from church for the whole season.

day 9

For Day 9 I just cut up a whole bunch of hexagons from Winter Wonderland Pattern Paper. My daughter thought it looked like a quilt. The white blank spaces will hold photos.

Day 10 is also from ProductPlay3. I think you could figure out how to do this on your own. I really love that 'loving' prompt. What I am loving right now. This page I am pretty excited about filling in.

day 12

I'm not really showing you the tag as much as I am showing you the Day 12 underneath. It is just cardstock marked with it's number. It's totally open to whatever the story of that day will be. Day 13 will be on the back.

day 14

Day 14 is a work in progress. I am not sure those elements are staying there. But it's at least in the book and sort of prepped. It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful.

day 15

Day 15 is part of a ProductPlay3 project. The flap will be holding my photo. You can see I have made a little note on the flap just for that.

day 16

Day 16. This is a tag of sorts. The photo will be on the other side of this tag. And here where it says Merry will be the journaling.

day 17

Day 17 is a craft plastic page with the gold Puffy Sticker 'story' placed on the front.

day 20

In between Day 17 and 20 is a page protector that is not easily seen. The back and front of that will be 18 and 19.
This page is probably messing with you. It is a place marker for what I am anticipating Day 20 to be when all my people are home and I can get a real family photo.

page 21

I have used these digital printables before from Kerry Bradford (Digital Stamps: Wrapped) and I love them so much I used again. I made this to be a very large tag sort of page with the story to be held on the back.

day 22

Day 22 holds a vellum cut out of the day. Also inspired by ProductPlay3. But with my own twist on the matter.

page divider

Pretend you did not see this page. This is a sneak peek of a post to come very soon.

Day 24 will come right before this page as our story for that day usually holds lots of photos. It will probably be pocket page style.

Then the 'together' Puffy Sticker titles an interactive page for Christmas. I really wanted to make this page complicated but in the end it became a rather simple page. And I like it.

Take a look at this video for even more details:


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