how to DIY doormats


Heidi Swapp DIY DoorMats How To

DIY doormats for you...or for them

I love me a good DIY project.
Especially one that is doable.
And almost guarantees perfect results.
Oh...and would make a great gift idea too.

Heidi Swapp DIY DoorMats How To

It's just this simple, here we go:
Choose a Heidi Swapp DIY DoorMat from right HERE.

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Grab your favorite stipple brush. Having made a couple of these now, I have decided I prefer an oval brush. One that is a bit rounded at the top. You can find these at any craft store. I also have a link to one I love below. The longer and rounder shape of bristles allows for better coverage in the stencil.

Out door paint is preferable. Again, this is an easy craft store find. Or link below for a great resource. Another tip to go along with this is to use a clear spray sealer when you are all done. Just to help protect the wear and tear a doormat is going to endure.

Then of course you will need a doormat. I have found mine at places like Home Depot as well as Ikea.

Then choose a stencil. How cute is that oh, hey?!?! I love it. And actually this one lives inside my back door. Yes, actually. I do have a lot of people who come in my back door. This just sits at the door so perfectly cute. And everyone loves it.

Another idea I have come upon while playing with making several of these stenciled doormats is to use stick pins to hold the stencil in place. I have tried painters tape, but the tape does not stick to the mat, rendering that idea useless. The pins in place work perfectly to keep that cardboard stencil right where I want it to be.

Then just stencil as usual. There is nothing tricky to this at all. Take your time. Less paint is better. As you can always go back and fill in places. I liked having a place to blot my paint once I dipped it in the paint jar. It's just better to work with less paint on the brush than with too much. You're welcome.

How To Stencil Heidi Swapp DIY Doormat

Ta dah! Instant, cute, customizable doormat. These are making great gifts too. Everyone thinks you are genius for stenciling a doormat. Trust me on this.

Be sure to check out the rest of the stencil options right HERE on the Heidi Swapp Shop. And good luck deciding on a favorite.


Heidi Swapp DIY Doormat Collection: Oh Hey Stencil.

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