Memory Planner 2020 | Week One


new planner commitments

Continuing to ride the wave of the new year and new commitments. One of those commitments is to my planner and to sharing that with you all right here.

I shared a peek at this dashboard in progress over HERE on THIS post. You can see there are a few more entries as the first week of the year has come and gone. And as the month progresses there will be more additions still. It's one way I like to work the dashboard, sort of a living and breathing work in progess as the month makes it's way through the days.

The calendar page is taking a bit more shape too. As I settle into the month, I am realizing the reality of the new year being here. It can take me a little bit. This page spread too is never set. It's a work in progress as well. I am constantly adding more info and events here. But I do know in the end, it will be pretty full. The double page spread of this calendar in my Memory Planner is for me a catalog for what is found inside on the weekly page spreads. Sort of a table of contents. I'm a fan of that concept.

Turning the page is a look at week one. As you can read in my other PLANNER POSTS on this blog, I go about this page spread one of two ways: I gather and collect notes and photos for the week and then have a planner sesh and fill in the week all at one time...OR...or I fill in the days while still in the day.

This first week of the month I have had the planner open on one of my work spaces, and have sat down and filled in the days as the week has progressed. This has been a bit of a fresh start approach to memory planner keeping for me. I must say that I really enjoyed this process. It's my intention to keep this going.

I also kept to a bit of a formula to start. Each day is bullet pointed to include what made up the day. You get the idea. Not stellar stuff here. But it's what makes up my life. And then a photo if there was a photo. And of course any thing to add to the 'pretty stuff': stamps, stickers, washi tape. That never gets old.

One thing I have added to my weekly page is a weather tracker. I know!!! Kind of nerdy? Well. I am good with that. Living on the Front Range our weather is any where and everywhere fast. And I just decided I would like to keep track of it on the daily. I just made a horizontal grid. Then using the Heidi Swapp Stencils I added the sun, or the clouds, or the sun AND clouds. Plus the day...and the temps. It is just another way for me to be intentional with my day and slow myself down and pay attention to the details that make up the whole of a day.

Hoping this post motivates and inspires you too to show up to your planner every week.



  1. Love this! and your handwriting! beautiful!

  2. Love your planners- your handwriting , the design, it so clean... now i need to go get those stencils- i love the little sunshine!! thank you for sharing your creativity...