what i love about Storyline Chapters


What I Love About Storyline Chapters by Jamie Pate

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As you may very well already know, I have the great honor of being part of the Heidi Swapp Media Team. And with that of course you may well already know that I receive product and the team then creates projects to then share on Heidi Swapp . com, on our media channels, on our YouTube channels. Then of course also on our own personal posts. Today this is just one of those posts.

Now, here is my little disclaimer, while I receive product to promote, I have always strived to be authentic about the work that I then publish for public viewing. Most especially when it comes to the storytelling and documenting life.

Storyline Chapters is a very huge part of my current documenting process.

And with those points in mind, today I want to share with you what it is I love about the Storyline Chapters concept.

What I Love About Storyline Chapters by Jamie Pate

For one thing I love how I have developed the Scrapbooker Persona to fit the way I tell our big family story. In THIS video here I explore that idea even more. This concept has allowed me to hone this process down to two very concise pages. Unless I want to tell more. And then that's OK. But I love the idea of having a week in our year on one page like this.

What I Love About Storyline Chapters by Jamie Pate

Another reason I love the Storyline Chapters concept is how easy it is to create a grid page of story. I can't completely explain it, but these grid pages just work for me.  Even if all the stories do not explicitly connect. Or the color story is not consistent. It does not seem to matter. I love having this grid and these stories all on one page. The grid sketch works beautifully in Storyline Chapters.

What I Love About Storyline Chapters by Jamie Pate

A third reason to love Storyline Chapters is for the embellishments. If you do not know my theory on story telling already, here is one of them: Not only do I document life, but I tell it with beauty and in a compelling way to draw the reader in. These embellishments have been a wonderful addition to this year's stories. They are very universal. They are beautiful in Heidi's signature handwriting. They are useful to draw one into the written story every time.

What I Love About Storyline Chapters by Jamie Pate

This next reason actually does not have much reason specifically to do with Storyline Chapters, except to say that the Project Pads include solid colored paper. Why is that important? It provides a flexibility to this collection. The solids can be left alone, embellished to bring attention to the story and not the pattern, or even stamp work added that allows a great customizable aspect. I have utilized these solids quite a bit in my insert. It is just one of the things I love about the Storyline Chapters Collection.

What I Love About Storyline Chapters by Jamie Pate

Another idea I have put to practice this whacky year that is 2020 is to tell ALL the story in one place. Now you know me, right? I love a mini album! I love to take very concise stories and create their own album. But one of the main uses of Storyline Chapters is what use to be for me 'Project Life'. That means even our Covid story gets place right in this book. Does that mean I won't tell parts of that story somewhere else? Oh...I will! But for the main part, I want as much of our every day life found in this particular Insert.  I love how these stories are playing out here in this one album.

What I Love About Storyline Chapters by Jamie Pate

And lastly, for today's post anyway, one of the things I love about Storyline Chapters is the ability to dress it up or down. What do I mean by that? As you can see in THESE other Storyline Chapter's posts, this collection is very versatile. I can add all the pretty stuff to tell a stunning story. Or I can keep it linear and minimalist with a bigger focus on the words. I love that this collection of papers and embellishments provides that for me here.

What I Love About Storyline Chapters by Jamie Pate

And I think you too will find at least one of these reasons above to love Storyline Chapters too.

Be sure and check out this video. It's a walk-through video of this 2020 Chapters Album where I share even more insight into this process.

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Heidi Swapp Storyline Chapters Collection

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