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As it is the end of August, I can feel the summer wanting to come to it's close. Not that it has cooled down any. As a matter of fact, we have had record hot days. But September is next week, and the last camp trip is on the calendar, and we will be settling down into the full reality of a school schedule once more.

Even though this has been the most different summer season I have ever in my life experienced, it has also been full of exploring and discovering new trails to trek, new rocks to climb, and new gardens revisited.

We recently headed to the Botanic Gardens in Denver. What a lovely place. It was beautiful. As we were visiting and I was taking a myriad of photos, I already began to think about the story I wanted to tell. I began to think how to really set this summer event off from the rest of the stories found in my Summer Insert.

I began to look around for inspiration. I found the inspiration for this new page spread by way of design boards on Pinterest. Mood boards if you will. Brand boards they are most readily called. These images are very graphic. Usually full of photo plus color ideas. I became very intrigued the more I looked at them on Pinterest. I love finding inspiration for page ideas outside of scrapbooking. This is just one example of that.

Inspired by some of these brand boards I kept with an illustrative, almost linear sort of vibe. On the left side of the page I made room for plenty of journaling. I typed this out as I wanted a more formal feel to the page. The embellishment cluster followed the graphic sense found on the brand boards. This meant that I spread the elements out a bit more. Large title. Elements placed in a loose yet cohesive fashion. This was a bit of a change up for me. It was a wonderful creative exercise to encounter. I am eager to try it again. So many ideas. So little time.

The right side I kept to just a large print out of one of the many captures I had from the day at the Botanic Garden. The photo is full of color. By keeping the embellishments sort of monochromatic and light I think this photo was able to stand well on it's own, with out any further embellishment.

This post comes with many challenges to leave with the viewer. For one, take the time to print your photos and write your stories and add them to any album you have in process. Next, try something a little different for you. Lift a brand board sketch. Use the ideas, the colors, the layout as an inspiration point for your next layout. Play with fresh ideas all the while being sure to get those stories told.

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