fall in love with commonplace books


Fall In Love With Commonplace Books by Jamie Pate

create your own commonplace book

What, pray tell is a commonplace book?

This was the question I asked my son. And I already knew the answer. It's a field notes book. He uses them all the time. Have you seen them around?

The next question of course is, what purpose does a commonplace book serve?

Without even realizing it I was already using many journals I had laying around here as a commonplace book.
It's a place to jot down things that catch your attention in your day. 
A book quote.
A joke.
A verse of Scripture.
A sketch maybe.

It's said writing things down in long hand helps one to remember the thing. I agree with that too. The idea of a little book, and better yet a little handmade book, to serve as a place to capture all the things in a day is a wonderful idea.

Fall In Love With Commonplace Books by Jamie Pate

This little book came together so quickly. A video tutorial is in the works. I will link that when complete. 
The cover is Bazzill White Textured Cardstock. My favorite cardstock to work with. I used the Bold Stripes Stencil from ScrapbookCom to make a pretty striped cover. I just laid the stencil over the folded cardstock. Then used the Ink Dauber to stencil in the Ballet Slipper Pink Ink. I love how well the ink covered the textured paper. I just really love that pink stripe.

Fall In Love With Commonplace Books by Jamie Pate

Then I made the title. Using the ScrapbookCom Exclusive Alpha Dies in that Bold Basic I crafted a DIY title. I just used black cardstock to cut out the letters in the lower case. That Alpha Die Set is so great. There are 52 dies in all. Upper plus Lower case are included. You will be seeing these dies everywhere I am sure. Don't say you weren't warned.

Fall In Love With Commonplace Books by Jamie Pate

The book measures 3.5 inches wide by 5.75 inches tall. It's a great little size to go with you anywhere. And it can even slip inside your planner as a way to tell your story. Can't wait to fill mine up. Can't wait to make more. Hoping you will too.

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    1. Super simple. Super doable. Finding my stride right now. ha ha

  2. Love this, thanks for sharing! I have heard of commonplace books before but I forgot what that meant :)

    1. I think I am a huge new fan. This one will fill up fast. Think readers would be interested in seeing what is inside? Thanks for visiting. Appreciate it so much!!!