how to make your own foiled leaf wreath



How to DIY Your Own Foiled Fall Wreath

an oldie but a goodie

I am blessed to have new viewers to this blog. With that in mind, and the change of the season here in the Northern Hemisphere, I want to reshare this DIY Minc Foil project with you.

How to DIY Your Own Foiled Fall Wreath

This link HERE takes you to the post where I share the process video for this project.

Now, I must ask you, to be kind. It was the very early days of my video making. And I was super inconsistent back in the day. But remember one of our mottos, it does not have to be perfect to be beautiful.

How to DIY Your Own Foiled Fall Wreath

There is one other caveat:

some of the products are no longer available. Which brings me to wonder if I just need to totally update this 2020 style. Oh no, no, I don't mean with a mask or anything like that. I mean, maybe I just need to bring this wreath into this new decade. 

In the mean time, allow me to share some supply substitutes:

The process video uses the old Minc Spray Mist, as well as the Screen Ink and Paint. Those items are no longer available. I would use the Minc Texture Paste as linked here. 

I would also highly suggest the fresh new Blush Minc Machine. It's updated. It's pretty. And you just need it.

The Matte Champagne Foil is still a perineal favorite of mine. This is highly suggested as well. You just ned to have this foil in your stash. I have spoken.

Go HERE for that post with the video. And let me know if you have any questions.

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