On the Topic of Scrapbooking: How To Live and Love Every Moment


How To Live and Love Everymoment

 living our stories well

While I am posting this recent scrapbook page to share some items from ScrapbookCom and how I am telling this story, I just heard some hard news about someone I knew of who just passed away and left a seriously amazing legacy in their wake.

And while I am writing this post about a scrapbook page I am struggling. I am struggling what to write. Life is so raw. So fleeting. And yet I still forget to live it well. 

What does that have to do with a scrapbook page? Well, as I look at this photo and the girl represented here, not only am I amazed at her life and her accomplishments and her struggle and her showing up everyday, but it's also a reflection on my own life. How am I accomplishing for her? How am I showing up for her?

Bet you were not expecting this melancholy article, now were you? If there is anything I continue to strive to do here and on my social media outlets it is an attempt to be authentic. I'm not great at it, to be honest. It's hard for me to be transparent, much less with those close to me. But like I said, it's a striving.

How To Live and Love Every Moment

It's a continual striving to be all we were called to be. Which brings me back to scrapbooking. I feel a change coming on. A fresh shift. While I think I have been approaching this the right way, I now need to approach it better, and here's what I am getting at: I want to tell better stories. Deeper stories. I want this girl in this photo surrounded with my favorite paper and my go-to embellishments and those must have die sets to know, to absolutely know how I feel about her. Scrapbooking is a great avenue for doing just that.

How To Live and Love Every Moment

Today this story is supported by one of my favorite things: words. I was super excited when ScrapbookCom came out with these sticker books. The first page is all these words and phrases. No hoarding issue here at all. I will use them every chance I get. It's always been photos + words for me. It always will be. That is one thing that will never change. 

How To Live and Love Every Moment

II have believed for a long time that scrapping a page is a meditative exericse. The bloggers at Close To My Heart agree with me on this statement: "It's a form of meditation. When you sit down to work on creating a scrapbook page, your ever-racing mind is forced to concentrate on the here and now." The page is a bit of a work of art for me. It's for sure artistry. Taking ink to paper through a stencil to create something that did not exist a moment before. Concentrating on a person that is the subject of the page. It's a prayerful, meditative exercise.

How To Live and Love Every Moment

So next time you feel guilty about taking time to scrapbook, next time you think it's not worth the effort and it really does not matter, next time you doubt your ability, just do this: tell your story. Take photo. Words. Artistic embellishments and tell your story.

How To Live and Love Every Moment

I have yet to say: gee I wish I did not scrap that page! The words have never been spoken. Live and love each of your moments, and then scrap them.

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