How I Am Approaching December Documenting


How I Am Approaching December Documenting

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In year’s past I have gone about a more strict December Daily approach. I, like so many of us, have been inspired by Ali Edward’s approach to documenting December. I love how this approach slows down the month just a little. How it causes me to watch and observe at a deeper level than all the chaos and busyness. How then I am left with a book full of photos and memories that means so much to my heart. It may actually be the most important thing I do in the month of December.

How I Am Approaching December Documenting

That has ebbed and flowed through the years. I am noticing, too, a shift now that most of my kids are older. One not even living here anymore. The ‘daily’ part of the documenting had become more stressful than I really needed to add to my life. Right? I mean, really, did I need one more thing.

I am going through a bit of a shift, and I am embracing the change. My mind is telling me there are certain aspects of the month that I know I want to capture. I am not going to be held to having to tell a story in that day just because it happened in that day. Instead, I am going to craft my stories. My mind is telling me that there are nuances right here that need to be captured and documented. That’s what I am inspired to do this year.

How I Am Approaching December Documenting

So I have been making a list. As things come to mind I am creating a list of what it is I want to find at the end of the month. Now, for sure, if there is an event that happens in THAT day, well then I will be making that the story of the day. Like my sister’s birthday in the middle of the month. That is a very important celebratory evening that I go all out for. It will be found on the day that it happens. Ohhhh!!!! I am so excited.

Let me explain this just a little bit further.

How I Am Approaching December Documenting

Early on in my December Album curating, Day 1 has been our family photo. Now. This does not happen on December 1st. This year’s photo is actually from August 23rd! When my son was home. And I knew we needed to grab a family photo. This picture was not planned. As a matter of fact we were in the middle of a heat wave at the end of a day that was full of people and food and activity. The photo is by no means perfect. As a matter of fact, there were some pervading attitudes behind those smiles. I’m not gonna lie. Mom to five children, 3 of them adults, one teenager and a 10 year old!!! Yeah. I am sure you can imagine the herding of kittens that can be. BUT…that did not change anything about my wanting that photo taken.

And so, to “Day 1” it goes.

How I Am Approaching December Documenting

What else will this year’s December Album hold?

Our annual tree finding tradition that will include my oldest daughter for the last time as she is getting married in the spring and will be creating her own traditions.

The tree set up, which will not even happen in December because of our family schedule and the rare moments we are actually home together to do a family thing. But isn’t that the story? Yes! That IS the story for the day that I decide that story to be.

I will include a photo of our home as our home is a big story this year with having spent so much darn time in it. (And maybe how much we have remodeled said home too this year…) That is a story as well.

I could go on and on with examples of what I will be including in my album. I have to say, I am so excited about putting this together this year. The embellishing will be paired down. The photos will be thought out. The journaling will for sure be at the forefront.

And I really want to call the album 'This December'…as this December is already standing out so different from other Decembers in this shut down climate we are finding ourselves.

That is a sneak peek into my process this year. Not many pre made pages. No trying to guess what a day will hold. Nope. Not this time. This time I am going with what I want to record in this album with 25 stories that find me this Christmas season. Oh. Hmmm…maybe THAT is the name of this album: 25 Stories. Well. I think I like that. 

Many blessings to you however you celebrate your days this December. Thank you for reading a little about mine. I hope you are inspired to curate your own way to document this month, and every month in the new year.

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