how to tell stories from the past


How to Tell Stories From the Past by Jamie Pate

 thanksgiving revisited

I am not sure what I enjoy more:

Telling my stories in real time as they happen, or at least within the month of their happening.

Or if I enjoy more the telling of them months, or even a year, later. 

Maybe that is why I love working my memory planner so much. Maybe that fulfills for me the telling my story in real time as they are happening. The 'bigger' story getting told at a later time. That story then for me provides such perspective. Like the story I am sharing today.

How to Tell Stories From the Past by Jamie Pate

Welcome to Thanksgiving 2019. Oh...2019...what we didn't know then, right?!?! Just the reality of 2020 makes stories from 2019 very powerful to me. So I may already be answering my own question. Maybe I have actually stumbled upon why I really do get into my Memory Planner as I do, to then only take a deep dive into stories at a later date. The perspective is almost breath taking. 

I can tell you that is exactly what happened. This grid page from last year was serious joy to create. Very simple. Down played embellishments. And all my heart, right here on this 12x12.

A couple of things to note about this page: 

  • This 2019 Thanksgiving page was not done in chronological order. I knew I had not told this story, yet, and I just wanted to. I use to get so bunged up about the order of my story telling. No more. It's not about perfection here. It's just about telling the story I want to tell. #storiesneverexpire
  • These types of story could easily be double page spreads. To accommodate for all the story I wanted to tell I utilized a grid. Just spaced out photos and simple embellishments. One of my favorite page sketches.
  • I went heavy with the WordFetti Documented Stamp I just got from ScrapbookCom. I. Love. These. Word. Stamps. 

How to Tell Stories From the Past by Jamie Pate

This stamp set is used throughout the entire layout. I used my favorite Ranger Ink Jet Black Ink Pad ( I sort of use that stamp pad for everything). Each of the sentiments was stamped on Smooth Cardstock. Then I distressed with a bit of sand paper. Yeah. This was good. Great words. Great way to tell a story.

How to Tell Stories From the Past by Jamie Pate

On this embellishment square, I took a cut file heart shape and cut it to fit the square space. Then I stamped the Love and Family on Smooth Cardstock and adhered to the heart cut. The 'love this place' stamps is from the WordFetti Best Day Ever. People, I love these word stamps so much!!!

How to Tell Stories From the Past by Jamie Pate

For the journaling, I cut Honey & Spice Cards down to size to fit the dimensions of the grid space. The card was adhered to the background page. A little 'gratitude' stamp was added to this journal space shown in the above photo. Inside is my journaling and documentation of the day. I did this hidden journal technique in one other place on this grid as well.

How to Tell Stories From the Past by Jamie Pate

Photos printed and in place. Stories told in hidden journaling. And simple stamped sentiments to support the story. That's how simple this page from a year ago can be told. It mattered not this was almost 12 months ago. I think the story was richer for the waiting. You know. Like a good wine. Allowed to sit. And settle. And become all the beautiful thing that story telling is to our souls.

I hope you are inspired to tell you stories no matter when they took place. Tell them now. Tell them later. It matters not. My only hope, as always, is that you tell your story.

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