Card Inspiration: Cards For Kindness



Card Inspiration: Cards For Kindness by Jamie Pate

everyone loves a handmade card

As the new year rolled around I set out to reset certain activities in my life that bring value. In no certain order here is the list I decided needed a 2021 reset:

  • my home
  • Memory Planner
  • family story telling/scrapbooking
  • making and sending cards

It literally has been this strong desire to get back into the habit of making and sending cards. Compelling even. When one does not answer the compulsion on their heart they feel undone. So here I go again. 
Project: Make and Send Cards.

Card Inspiration: Cards For Kindness by Jamie Pate

Along with this reset is an initiative I want to promote here on this blog. And that is ScrapbookCom's Cards For Kindness campaign. 


Here is how this beautiful idea goes:

1. You make cards. Several of them. Keep the inside blank.

2. You send cards to ScrapbookCom. They in turn organize and then distribute those cards to cancer centers, children' hospitals, shelters, retirement homes, etc. 

3. The staff and volunteers at those establishments write notes of encouragements and messages of hope to those in their care they deem can use a card to lift their spirits.

Isn't that beautiful?

I for one want to play a much bigger role in supporting this effort. 

I want to benefit others who can use kindness, love and maybe even some cheering up.

I am all in for this.

Will you join me?

Be sure to download this FORM AT SCRAPBOOKCOM and connect to all the details.

Card Inspiration: Cards For Kindness by Jamie Pate

In the meantime, I made a fresh batch of cards. 

Card Inspiration: Cards For Kindness by Jamie Pate

Recently I picked up a few new items I wanted to play with. Gathering those all up I took an afternoon and just played with some ideas. I'm eager to make this a designated time in my schedule. The thing about doing for someone else, is that it brings one a sense of peace and joy that only comes by serving another soul.

Card Inspiration: Cards For Kindness by Jamie Pate

I used Minc Texture Paste and one of my favorite stencils, Scattered Hearts, to create a foiled vellum layer. 

TIP: let that Texture Paste dry really well. This is an example above of what happens when it is still a tad not ready...the hearts sort of squashed. I know, it does not have to be perfect to be beautiful. But I wanted to show you a little smudgy at work here.

Card Inspiration: Cards For Kindness by Jamie Pate

I hope this inspires you to make. And to send. This is a theme found here on this blog in the past. My desire for this new year is to reset that inspiration. I would love if you join me. Let me know. Tag me up on instagram at @JamiePate and let's share this joy together.

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