How To Get Organized : 4 Drawer Organizer



How to Get Organized : 4 Drawer Organizer by Jamie Pate

reset to create

Reset to create. I just made that up.'s totally what is going on right now. This creative space of mine went through a mini remodel several months ago. And then it was the holidays. With all that I never really got to dig in here and make it mine again.

In the mean time ScrapbookCom released what they are calling their Craft Room Basics. This was perfectly timed as we were nearing the new year and I love to reset all the things for a fresh start.

So here we go.

Welcome to my mini blog series right here: How To Get Organized.

How to Get Organized : 4 Drawer Organizer by Jamie Pate

First up this week I am going to talk about this here 4 Drawer Organizer. This is a great solution for this space right now. For me personally, I love that it is white. I love a clean sort of minimalistic space. Not everyone does. That's great! You can find plenty of ideas at the gallery on ScrapbookCom for additional ways to style this 4 Drawer organizer for you. For me though white it is. I'm a basics kind of girl. Now I just needed to put this baby to work.

How to Get Organized : 4 Drawer Organizer by Jamie Pate

Of these 4 drawers, three fully open, and one is divided. They are all ready to be filled with desktop craft products. No assembly needed. Just order. Receive. Unpack. Then fill. It doesn't get any better than that.

How to Get Organized : 4 Drawer Organizer by Jamie Pate

I decided to fill these drawers with my packages of ephemera. I have never really had a great solution for 1. storing those little bits, then 2. for being able to easily peruse them while in the creative moment. This is turning out to be a perfect solution for both those issues. I'm finding I already need to grab another 4 Drawer Organizer so I can get ALL my ephemera in these drawers that pull out so beautifully.

How to Get Organized : 4 Drawer Organizer by Jamie Pate

The drawers are ideal for all kinds of craft supplies. Don't let my idea limit you. They are sized perfectly for mini ink pads, pens, markers, acrylic blocks and so many more ideas. When I am in the midst of my craft, I just pull out the drawer and place it on my table giving me full access to all the content.  Not only do I have a couple collections of ephemera in here, but also Tim Holtz tags are playing prettily in there as well.

How to Get Organized : 4 Drawer Organizer by Jamie Pate

A few more details to know about the 4 Drawer Organizer:

  • this unit is super sturdy with an ultra thick greyboard that is wrapped up in that white finish
  • each drawer is notched making them easy to open (but I have seen my crafty friends add knobs to them too making them super chic)
  • the drawers are removable making all the contents very easy to reach
  • if you have Ikea shelves, two of these can be stacked in one of the square shelves. Love that idea.
  • so many craft storage advantages here. The possibilities are endless.

I hope this inspires you to get organized in your space if you have been thinking about doing such. It is so refreshing to reset your space and make it all new for the making. New organization solutions are making it just all that much better for me to reset this new year.

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