Weekly Pages 2021 | Week #2



Weekly Pages 2021 | Week #2 by Jamie Pate

telling stories weekly

Story telling with Heidi Swapp Storyline Chapters Continues

Ok...so here's the thing.
It's almost the end of February.
I've had a kid quarantined from school for 2+ weeks...
plus oral surgery.
I have a high schooler here 50% of her week from school.
I am planning a wedding shower.
And I'm in the midst of all the details for two of my kid's weddings.

But it's time to celebrate.

Weekly Pages 2021 | Week #2 by Jamie Pate

Why are we celebrating?
Because BOOM! I have all of January 2021 in the book!

Celebrate all the little things with scrapbooking

That's just what I am doing right here.

Because let's face it.
Telling our story takes effort.
Organizing those photos takes effort.
Printing them then making them look descent on a page takes effort.

But it's an effort with a long lasting legacy.
And when we make it happen we should celebrate a little.

Weekly Pages 2021 | Week #2 by Jamie Pate

This post today is sharing with you a look at Week #2 of what I call Family Chapters (also known as Weekly Pages)

This is the first post in a mini post series highlighting January 2021 for you. 

Scrapbooking everyday stories in Storyline Chapters

As I shared in THIS video here, as long as there are Storyline Chapters Inserts to tell my weekly stories, this will be my primary way to tell our everyday stories. 

January, as you can tell, is very monochromatic. Maybe it was my mood. January had some tough moments. I am seeing this play out in how I went about these pages. And that's OK. What are we doing here if we are not being authentic with the stories we have to tell?

Weekly Pages 2021 | Week #2 by Jamie Pate

As with every page, I find a fun way to cluster some embellishments to make a space for documenting the week's date, plus what week of the year it is. I have done this for years in my Project Life pages. To keep things congruent for now (for it will change, that we know for certain) I am typing the month and days, and the week + number. I made a tag from a Storyline Chapters label by punching two small holes and then threading those with twine. Then I had Bella Blvd Epoxy hearts in my stash that I used because they were black. Lastly, I tucked the date journal strips in to finish this embellishment space.

Weekly Pages 2021 | Week #2 by Jamie Pate

Use what you have scrapbooking

I am one to reduce stash pretty quick. OK...well, maybe not pretty quick, because this graphic here was from a Minc Machine starter kit I got I don't even know when. For some reason it surfaced. I liked the reminder here. On the page it goes. Use what you have friends. You don't need all the new stuff to make pretty stuff. (But it sure is fun, no?)

Weekly Pages 2021 | Week #2 by Jamie Pate

Mix Scrapbook Collections On Your Page Layouts

If you have watched my weekly pages videos on my YouTube channel, then you are familiar with my format for telling the weekly stories. The left side is a grid spread highlighting the week. The right side is what I call the Big Story. It's just something in the week that I want to make sure I pay attention to and tell that story on a bigger level. For this page I stenciled some on the background with the Dotted Stencil by ScrapbookCom. I mixed in both Storyline Chapters labels with Old School Tags and Ephemera. That tiger icon from Old School just speaks to me every time.

Weekly Pages 2021 | Week #2 by Jamie Pate

Be inspired to tell your story

Friends, my hope with every post is that you will be inspired to tell your story. As you can see with these pages, they were not fancy with uber unique techniques. This here is what I call basic story telling. It gets those photos + words on the page. It gets the story told. It helps us remember all the things we want to remember. Now go and tell your story.

Hey friends...when you shop these links below, I receive a small kick back from your sales from Scrapbookcom. There is absolutely no extra cost to you at all! But these commissions help to cover the costs of this blog and other expenses to provide you with these and other project ideas. I want to continue to bring you FREE inspiration. Shopping these links allows me to do just that. I can't thank you enough for your love and continued support. 

edited to add: Old School Ephemera is discontinued at ScrapbookCom



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