Weekly Pages 2021 | Week #3



Weekly Pages 2021 | Storyline Chapters | Week #3 by Jamie Pate

day by day in a week

 Wait...what? More weekly pages.

Are you tired of this yet?

Just say no.

OK...seriously now...

welcome to: Week #3

Crafting Weekly Pages in Storyline Chapters 

Weekly Pages 2021 | Storyline Chapters | Week #3 by Jamie Pate

There is a current motivation and inspiration to tell these stories right now. Frankly there is simply SO much going on in our lives. While early part of January as I look back is a bit sedate, it was also a build up to a whole lot of now activity. So while the iron is hot, I am striking. My desire is to make the effort to make the pages happen. It is always worth it to me.

Weekly Pages 2021 | Storyline Chapters | Week #3 by Jamie Pate

While the grid page is a sketch I stick to a bit rigidly this month, there is still space for layers and creativity.

Try making a mini envelope using the WRMK Mini Envelope Punch Board. A fan favorite. I chose a piece of Storyline Chapters pattern paper to make this one here. Then I hand cut a heart to layer atop the envelope. Then of course the dates for these pages. Remember the dates!

Weekly Pages 2021 | Storyline Chapters | Week #3 by Jamie Pate

You are going to be seeing these Skinny Letters again. But I do love to mix some fonts. Here I created a second embellishment space with the ScrapbookCom Skinny Alpha dies, plus some typewriter letters I had in my stash. Plus that Home Sweet Home Stamp, also from ScrapbookCom. Super simple look that worked to keep this page cohesive all the while supporting the story.

Weekly Pages 2021 | Storyline Chapters | Week #3 by Jamie Pate

Remember to tell your own story

I am striving to get myself on the lens side of the camera more this year. I grabbed this shot one morning as I was headed out the door to go work out. I sent it to my girlfriends. But then I liked it. It reminded me I need to tell this story of my right now health. 

You may be able to tell I added in an extra page to this side of the Storyline Chapters Insert. It's vellum. I have another story to tell that I wanted to still be part of this week. I have not completed it yet. It's a page in progress.

remember to tell your own story

Can you guess what I want you to be inspired by this time? Yep. You guessed it. Tell a story about you. Tell a story about you with your picture on the page. Then tag me up on Instagram at @jamiepate. I would love to see what you have going on your page made by you.

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