How To Become Insanely Creative With the Blush MemoryDex Spinner


 what are you waiting for?

You've stalked the hashtag for the #blushmemorydexspinner on social media.

You've seen the Heidi Swapp Media Team keep adding MemoryDex Cards (MDCs) to their Blush Spinners.

You've added the pretty Spinner to you cart. In again. Out again. In again. Out again.

Perhaps you have even made MemoryDex Cards and tried to 'figure out' a way to display them.

You know you want this in your life but still for some unknown reason it still is not in your craft space.

Take stock of all the wonderful paper collections and stickers and washi tape and ephemera you have in your stash. Consider if you ever use all that goodness in your storytelling or card making or gift crafting. Let's say you do make weekly page spreads. Including maybe even planner pages and a card or two. Think about the ways you are currently using your paper collections and do those creations very often end up hidden inside a closed album. Hidden. From you. And the world?

Once upon a time, oh...about six years ago, I received my first MemoryDex Spinner as the collection was brand new. As I wrapped my head around the idea of a rolodex type style of displaying pretty stuff, the idea began to obsess me. It just grew in my head how easy it was to make a card sized little canvas of simple creativity. And that was when there was just the black MemoryDex Spinner for displaying MDCs! Which, actually, I really didn't mind. Don't get me wrong. I was too busy obsessing over filling the black Spinner up with all kinds of ideas I did not realize my need for something that could be so pretty.

The best idea that came out of the reality of the Blush Spinner was how B E A U T I F U L L Y it goes with so many of Heidi's Collections. Like the new Care Free Collection, just to name one. This pretty pink Spinner delightfully holds any and all of the MDCs that I craft with almost any of her collections. In fact, the Blush complements these collections so much, it makes it more than easy to make pretty cards that absolutely shine on this pastel Spinner.

The Blush MemoryDex Spinner is an exclusive with ScrapbookCom which means, of course, you can only get it there. I've linked it HERE and below in supplies. 

The Spinner is made of a high quality and durable acrylic and is not only Blush, but there is a very subtle sparkle that you can see in the finish too. It's stunning, actually. 

The side handles are pretty also and look a bit like a crystal knob. There are four rubber pads on the bottom so that way when you are spinning the knobs to look at all your pretty MDCs the spinner won't move. It's wonderful. 

The Blush Spinner is a cute, compact size. It easily sits on a table top. On a shelf. On your night stand. Anywhere you want to look for pretty stuff? Yep. That's where you can place it.

And have I even mentioned how great a gift this can be?

Do you see why this is such a wonderful addition to your crafting life. No matter what kind of crafting life that is?

You know your choices, now, right? You can either go without the adorableness of this Blush MemoryDex Spinner that goes beautifully with so much of the Heidi Swapp Paper Lines. You can try and figure out a way to make MemoryDex type cards and have no real home to house them. Yeah. You can do that. We crafters are creative like that.


You can have it different. You can add a little something something to your space to add just a bit of glam to it all. And, AND...this is what will happen, ( I almost gurantee) you will then find yourself making more pretty stuff that will then only fuel more creativity because of all the fabulous ideas you will constantly be coming up with to fill that beautiful Blush MemoryDex Spinner. There. I said it.

Yes. You will become insanely creative with the Blush MemoryDex Spinner by your side.

Oh..and it's only $15.99 Win. Win.

Run, don't walk, and pick up one of those Blush Spinners for you and a friend.

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This post was brought to you by product I received from American Crafts. The opinion is all mine as I really do adore this and all the projects highlighted on this blog.


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