Transforming Pocket Cards to MemoryDex Cards



beautiful transformations are easy to make

Did you see THIS post on how to create pretty tags from Pocket Cards? Did you give it a try? Do you now have a collection of these tags and not know what to do with them?

Of course you know what to do with them.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • use as a gift tag
  • adhere to a card front for a quick card
  • layer on a scrapbook page
  • add to your planner page
  • place in a MemoryDex Spinner
Bet you didn't think about that last one at all now did you?

As we continue to wade through all those Pocket Cards we already own. As we take the ideas I shared with you HERE and craft some ideas. As we then come up with a little bundle of tags now let's do something with them.

Transforming Pocket Cards to MemoryDex Cards

Often I want to make something but I don't know what. The idea of making tags from Pocket Cards that I shared recently here on this blog serves to fill in the 'but I don't know what' part of that first sentence. This has been a great creative exercise in crafting some ideas on little cards. But then I am left with a whole bunch of little cards.

Here's the thing: not only am a  paper crafter, that very often gives away the things she makes, but also I like to keep what I made at times too.

Here's my solution:

Take the make and make it a MemoryDex Card.

Ta dah!

Dilemma solved.

I've seen this again and again on my Instagram feed or in different Facebook groups. People sharing their makes. People often transforming those makes into MemoryDex Cards. 

All one needs do is grab the Heidi Swapp Hole Punch for MemoryDex. And punch away. The Pocket card that is. Just make a MemoryDex hole punch that is made specifically for the MemoryDex Spinner, and collect a whole 'rolodex' sort of collection.

What I am offering you here is a solution that can play out for you again and again. Not only will you have a beautiful array of these Floral Pocket Cards at your finger tips on that beautiful Blush MemoryDex Spinner. But you will also have that MemoryDex Hole Punch that will transform anything (with in size of course) to be a MemoryDex Card.

Find Blush MemoryDex Blush Spinner Bundle HERE for only 15.99.

What a great win-win situation.

Last idea. For the 6x4 Floral Pocket Cards, you know...the pocket cards that started all this? Trim it down a tad. Snip the corners to look like a tag. And make it a tab divider on your Blush Spinner. It would be a great way to organize all the pocket card specific MemoryDex Cards you will not be able to stop making.

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***supplies used in this post*** (edited to add: MemoryDex Hole Punch temporarily out of stock: Click Notify Me When In Stock to receive the heads up on that wonderful tool.)

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