10 Things Found On a Memory Planner Page



10 things? and so much more...

Are you a Memory Planner babe? Do you keep a weekly planner of memories? Are you interested in stopping the blur?

Then my hope is that this post will aid you in your endeavor.

There is a lot of talk right now on my feed and Heidi Swapp's Instagram feed and the rest of the team as well as in Kim Jeffress and Lindsay Bateman...we all keep memory planners. We adore the process. And we want to share what it is we love about it.

With that in mind today's post is pointing out 10 things you may find on my Memory Planner. In no certain order. In no certain importance over another thing. It's just part of what I do on these pages. It's just part of what I want to share with you.

10 Things Found On a Memory Planner Page

1. First and foremost, since Heidi Swapp started doing her monthly class subscription of Stop The Blur, one thing you will find on my Memory Planner pages are ideas that are highly influenced by that class.

Find the Stop The Blur Class right HERE.

And while I do not do everything that she shares each month, I am sure to at least always find a jumping off start place. Sometimes that is just everything, right? 

This page above from March 29-April 4 shares one idea you have seen her do over and over, and that is  hidden journaling found on a flippable journal card. The pattern paper that says 'time' flips up. And underneath I have a text from a friend that I wanted to save. So flippable journal interactive elements are one thing you will find on my Memory Planner pages.

2.  Quotes. I almost always have a quote or two on my Memory Planner spread.

They may be a quote that I found and posted on my Instagram. They may be a quote I found at another source. Quotes speak volumes to me as they so succinctly say something I may be thinking. Plus they make for great filler on a page as they sort of peg me and where my mindset is at right at that moment. I have no problem taking a screen shot or printing out a quote from the World Wide Web. And so, you will find quotes on my Memory Planner pages.

3. Scrapbook embellishments. I use my stash and add to my pages

I love scrapbook stash. I have been known to hoard in the past. My new minimalist self is becoming better about using up my stash and being OK when something is gone. So. With that in mind..I use phrase stickers and word stickers quite often. Again, the idea being that those words and phrases encapsulate the vibe of the day. I use washi tape. I use, as seen already, pattern paper. I use journal spots. Die cut flowers will be found on these pages. It's sort of whatever goes. No real rules. With that said, you will find scrapbook embellishments on my Memory Planner pages.

4. Scrapbook styled layouts. Yes. Sometimes I treat sections of the Memory Planner page just like I would a scrapbook layout.

As shown here on the right side to celebrate NSD: National Scrapbook Day. I placed photos that were surrounded by layers of alpha sticker + tiny envelopes + embellishments + stamps. And, of course, journaling was part of this as well. I did not stay inside the lines. I just added in elements that created the feel for that weekend. So, you will find scrapbook styled layouts on my Memory Planner pages.

5. Pockets. Pockets will always and forever be found on these planner pages.

I love pockets and I cannot lie. Pockets are found on this May 3-9 page spread. One was pre made and part of the Stop the Blur May Kit. That monthly kit subscription currently has a waiting list and if you are not on it I think you should be. Be sure to sign up HERE.

The second pocket is the long yellow paper on the right hand side. You will have to watch the video of this Memory Planner Walk Through to see what is inside there. Video is linked below.

Pockets are to be found often on my Memory Planner pages.

6. Printables. This goes back to the Heidi Swapp Stop the Blur Class. 

Now...I am not super big about this...but when I get a wild hair then I seem to use printables every where. The Stop The Blur Class includes a download every month. So above you will find the 'brave heart' and then the '*$&%@!' and also the 'in progress' card. Those came from a recent Stop The Blur Class. I print them out every month. I keep them with my planner stash. And cut them up all at once or as I need them. Great filler and again, always with the vibe of the day. Printables are very often found on my Memory Planner pages.

7. Stamps. Stamps will ALWAYS be found on these page spreads.

I sort of keep saying it...but craft stamps seem all the rage right now. And I'm so here for it! I love stamps. My stash is evidence of that. Hey, don't judge. You do it too. On this page can be found lots of Heidi Swapp Stamps. Plus stamps that are exclusive to the Stop the Blur Kits. Plus just stuff found in my stash. I do not have to work hard to make stamps a part of these layouts. Stamps are always found on my Memory Planner pages.

8.  Bullet journaling. Bullet journaling will be found on my planner pages way more than traditional journaling.

Ah...this could be it's own blog post article. My mind is buzzing even as I write this as to how to describe how I feel about bullet journaling. For the most part that is how I document on these pages. But it's not the only way. I don't want to corner myself in here. I love bullet journaling. I love to add boxes that give shape to all the things that happened in a day (yet another possible blog post). I love to use the colored pencils and give them some interest. Can you tell this little sub topic gets me all happy? You will ALWAYS find bullet journaling on my Memory Planner Pages.

9. Everyday. The simplicity of every day is found here.

I don't make things up to add to my days on this planner. If there is not a lot to report I go heavy with some creative touches. If there is too much to say then I place that in a bigger story on a scrapbook page. But! I do try to add something every day. While life is definitely highlighted by the birthdays and the marriages and the graduations and the vacations...that is not what every day is made up of. And I'm here for the every day. I look for the beauty in this messiness we call life. So...you will always find the everyday on my Memory Planner pages.

10. Reminders. Reminders very often found here.

While I did not write these 10 things in any real order of importance, this one is for sure not the most important, but it is a good one. And may even answer for you, dear reader, a question, what do I write?

Reminders are very often found on my pages. Like the one on the Note To Self: Water Food Move. I had just come off of a very relentless time in my life. Now it was time to get back to basics and take care of my body once again. So I wrote it as a reminder in my planner.

Breathe. Breathe is sticker from the Storyline Chapters Collection. While this family was going through a very real transition, I needed to remember to breathe. To not take it lightly all the emotions we were feeling. There are so many resources out there for creating reminders in a planner. Reminders are very very often found on my Memory Planner pages.

Whew...just 10...and so much more. I hope this post serves as an inspiration for you and your Memory Planner.  Don't limit yourself. There are way more than 10 things to be found on a Memory Planner page. And did you notice one things I did not even mention? Tell me if you did in the comments below.

In the meantime, here's to stopping the blur.

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