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Welcome to a new mini series here on my blog as well as a series of REELS to be found on that feed as we go along.

I'm gonna call it 

Work Space Wednesday | 6x8 Paper Pad Holder

OK...well...what I mean is the series is called Work Space Wednesday. Today we focus on the 6x8 Paper Pad Holder...

Do you struggle with organization? Have you found the best ways to keep your paper pads organized? Do they end up here and there? Do you feel like you have the best intentions but that system sure doesn't want to stay in place.

I feel your pain.

I love to be organized but then I get in the flux of creating and crafting and then it looks as though a small hurricane has found it's way into my space.

Seriously, I have no idea how it happens.

So was I glad when this little guy showed up in a box on my front porch.

Introducing the 6x8 Paper Pad Holder Exclusive at ScrapbookCom. Ahhh....did you hear that? It was angels singing.

To be honest, I did not know I needed this. I just kept throwing my paper pads back into their collection boxes. Which was OK. But then when I needed to gather that perfect paper I would pull out all those boxes and go through all the papers and then...well...I am sure you can imagine how that all turned out in the end.

But this is a great, and might I just add, pretty solution. And boy do I love pretty solutions.

It's like a miniature magazine holder. But for 6x8 paper pads. I. Love. This.

I'm a big fan of organization. This just really really helps my dilemma in my craft space. I love I can have all those paper pads in one space. On a shelf. Easily reachable. At any time. And then gather all those paper pads up again. And simply pop them back into the 6x8 Paper Pad Holder. Ta dah! 

May I please have another for my SlimLine Storage Envelopes too? But I digress...that is for another post.

A few more benefits to share with you. But frankly, I think this is going to make your life so much more wonderful too. And you'll need more than one, as I have already sneaked out to you. You can thank me later.

Not only can you fit your paper pads in the holder, but all your loose papers too. Right??? I know!!! (as said by Monica)

This holder also fits the Exclusive ScrapbookCom Medium Storage Envelopes. Oh don't you love that???

Tiny scraps anyone? Pop them into there.

And you don't need to keep it white either. Wrap it in your favorite pattern of paper. I just love the clean lines of the white as it allows all the other pretty stuff in my space to get all the love and focus. But you do you.

OK...go HERE to grab one or five. They are only 7.99 and hold so much organizational value to them. And that we need, my crafty friends, so we can just get down to the important work of creative play.

I'd love to hear how organization works for you in your creative space. Drop me a comment below and share your solutions. Or your struggles.

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