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this month's work space organization continues

Do you love all the solutions you can gather to get organized in your work space? Do you collect ideas on your Pinterest board saying 'someday'? Do you continue to search for solutions for your most favorite paper craft supplies to be organized?

So do I!

I'm here for it!

The Work Space Wednesday continues here on the blog with a nod to storage envelopes. Having only used 12x12 envelope storage in the past, I had not realized how valuable an organizational tool these storage envelopes actually are. 

Having just recently moved into a smaller work space I continue to discover how I not only need better storage solutions, but better storage solutions provide better work flow. 

Just what then, my friends, do you think better work flow creates for us all? More time making stuff.

It's not that we are focused on having better organized spaces.

It's that we are actually focused on having more time to make and create and know exactly where our stash is. That's the bottom line. Raise your hand if you agree.

Take a look at a few ideas found here in my work space. I am using the Exclusive ScrapbookCom Letter Size Storage Envelopes to be homes to a few of my items that need homes. 

Like these Alpha Stamps here. They fit perfectly in the 9 1/2 x 11 inch Letter Size Envelope. I love having these stamps stored, and not just out in the open. I love knowing where they are going to be. And I love that I can pull out one Storage Envelope and have several stamps at the ready on my work space.

Then there is the bevy of stencils found in my work space. Next to being a stamp collector I may just be a stencil collector. This is only a small sampling of the stencil selection currently found in my supplies. They can easily get bent and no longer lay flat if I am not careful. Storing in the Letter Sized Storage Envelope is a solution to many of my stencil storage challenges.

The stencils stay protected. I can store just about ALL my stencils in one place. Then, I can just pull out one of the Storage envelopes and keep working at the make.

Win. Win!

Then most recently I went to a crop. Right? I know!!! I have not been to one in years. The Letter Size Storage Envelope served me so very well. I was able to place a project I wanted to worked on (well, I hoped to work on, for you know how crops can go) in one Envelope. The Letter Size Storage held a paper pad, a mini album insert, photos, a pen, a stamp set. There was still more room for more supply if I wanted.

The Envelope easily slipped in to my project bag and was on the go. Nothing got bent or wrinkled. All the major items were in one place. And I could see inside to know which project was housed inside the Envelope.

At only 9.99 for five Storage Envelopes I thought this was a great deal. Click through HERE to find.
The 10 pack is even a sweeter deal for only 18.99. Click through to THIS for that deal.

The organizational solution possibilities are endless. These are just a few ideas you can find happening in my Work Space. And now, back to our regularly schedule program of making the makes now that we are organized.

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