Work Space Wednesday | Tall Sticker Organizer and more...


more storage solutions are in the studio

Have you been following this month's series I dub WorkSpace Wednesday? Have you been discovering some storage solutions that work for you? Have you had a chance to declutter, reorganize and maybe even overhaul your craft room? 

Today's post continues in the same fashion as the previous three WorkSpace Wednesday posts as found here:

6x8 Paper Pad Holder

Letter Size Storage Envelopes

Slimline Storage Envelopes

Today I am calling this post

Work Space Wednesday | Tall Sticker Organizer and more...

Yet again, I did not know this was a storage solution that I needed. But I should have known better than that. And heres why: my tall stickers were in all sorts of places all over my craft room. Some were in a large box labeled MISC. Some were with their collections. Some were in embellishments drawers. was the problem:

I knew I had a sticker. That perfect sticker for that layout or card I was working on at present. I just knew I did. But where was it. This above photo was sort of what I would find myself searching through. And I don't know about you, but my creative time is precious. There's not a lot of it. Searching for a thing not only thwarts the making, it frustrates me as well. Time is ticking, after all.

When the ScrapbookCom Tall Storage Organizer arrived, I still was not convinced. I just did not really get what it was this 'tall' apparatus could do for me. I know. I am a processor. And when I say processor I mean 'slow'.  

Then...the clouds parted. The angels started singing...and it hit me...duh! Tall Sticker Storage! 
what I did next?
I gathered all my tall stickers...and I keep finding them as this tall sticker storage is even more full than when I took these photos...and I placed them in my new Tall Sticker Organizer. 
But wait...
there's more...
I also grabbed my stash of Slimline Smooth Cardstock Paper Pads and they fit perfectly in the first section of this organizing wonder.
Let's just say I am now a huge fan of this craft organizing solution.


Like all the other ScrapbookCom Craft Room Basics, this organizer is made of heavy duty ultra thick greyboard wrapped in sturdy white glossy paper. Each compartment is 6.5 inches wide and starts at 7x5 inches tall! That's a lot of tall! And, bonus, two of these organizers fit side by side in the Ikea Kallax shelf system. Then, with all the ScrapbookCom Craft Room Basics, the storage ideas are endless. It's up to you and what you need to have stored.

edited to add: 

The Tall Sticker Organizer is temporarily out of stock. Be sure to click 'Notify Me' and 'Text Me' to know when these are available once again.

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