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Do you have more than one project on your table at a time? Are you good with that? Or does it bring some crazy to you?

An author I have learned a great deal from in my creative life says this:

"Have a lot of projects going at once so you can bounce between them. When you get sick of one project, move over to another, and when you’re sick of that one, move back to the project you left." Austin Kleon

Do you like that advice?

How to Keep Telling Stories | Heidi Swapp Storytellers

I do. Maybe because I DO have more than one project going on at a single time which provides several things for me:

  • I am never bored
  • I always have something to work on
  • One project benefits from another project as I go back and forth
  • It makes me so grateful to have so many stories to tell 

That all being said, this Storyteller album here is under the influence of Heidi Swapp's Storyteller Class she has made available on her site. This is a book in progress. And will be in progress for a little bit. Which I have no problem with at all. I am thoroughly enjoying the process. It fuels the other stories I am working on. It keeps me thinking about the next page I want to craft. And since it does have a finite ending to it, I am looking forward to finishing this book, all the while creating these pages.

As you can see above I am indeed using the Storytellers Insert for these stories. Well, at least I am reserving the navy blue insert for the next series of stories. The benefit of these Storyteller Inserts is that they can easily hold about a year of stories. They are, of course, all the same size, which makes them perfect little chapter books all unto themselves. There is plenty of room on a page to create two separate page layouts, or combine them to create a two-page spread.

I'm finding all kinds of ways to use stamps on these pages. The background paper to these Inserts are a great mat all to themselves. I have stamped right on those pages. I have stamped on cardstock. And I have stamped on tags. Easy ways to put these stamps to work and add them to the Storytellers pages.

Heidi Swapp's Honey & Spice alpha stamps went to work on this tag. Any alpha would have worked, of course. Then other stamps were brought in to play supporting role to the bigger worded stamp. To be honest I am having the best time playing with these stamp collages. 

The Storytellers Number Stamp is coming in clutch on several of these pages. I love the large graphic vibe of the numbers. Stamping in a lighter color for the number, then stamping black over it creates great collage work too.

You can find the Storytellers Class right HERE. While I have taken many ideas from the class, I have to tell you what I love about these online classes most of all: the ideas that are sparked from watching Heidi at work. Those are endless. They come to you every time you rewatch the lessons. And if you are needing some help telling your story, well...just lift what she has done until your own style and ideas come to you.

Mostly though? Tell YOUR story.

You can find the Storytellers online class HERE.

Storytellers Aqua Kit

Storytellers Blue Kit

Storytellers Numbers Stamp Set

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