How To Use Busy Patterns On a Scrapbook Page


How Do You Use This Pattern Paper?

 some pattern papers just stump me

Are there times you are stumped by a pattern of paper? Don't know what to do? Do you just leave it in the stash and hope that some inspiration will come your way?

How Do You Use This Pattern Paper?

Well. Maybe today is your day. I found a simple way to use a complex, OK...well to me complex, pattern paper. Are you up for some inspiration?

How Do You Use This Pattern Paper?

Say hello to High Tide. It's a pattern from the beautiful collection of Heidi Swapp's called Care Free. There is a 12x12 version of this paper. As well as a 6x8 version found in the 6x8 Pattern Paper Pad. While this paper is fantastic! It stumps me too. I can see a single photo with just the right colors being sketched out on this paper. However, today's solution for said High Tide paper is a very simple one.

How Do You Use This Pattern Paper?

I chose to keep the paper completely in tact and show off all it's fantastic-ness in one of my Storyline Inserts. This little solution just tickles me. It's super easy. But at the same time I absolutely love it! 

Here's what I did to make use of this busy pattern paper:
I rounded the corners with my Corner Chomper. Then I distressed the edges a bit with a rogue piece of hardware sand paper that I use. I mean, distressing the edges just seems to fit the vibe of the paper already. After it was adhered to this page (the Insert pages measure 7.5 x 9 inches), then I just trimmed out some Care Free Definition Stickers and layered over the inner edge of the paper.

How Do You Use This Pattern Paper?

The Definition Stickers play nicely with the greens and teals and mint colors found on the opposite page. And don't even get me started how fun it was to add these phrase stickers to this page. All in all this addition to my Storyline Chapters Insert was super simple. Which does not take away from me super loving it.

How Do You Use This Pattern Paper?

That is just one way to use a busy pattern paper on a scrapbook page. Not the only way. But certainly a way. I wanted to share that it's OK to use a paper just the way it is. It does not have to hold a photo. It can simply be a paper to admire. It's just yet one other way to tell your story.

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Watch this video here to see how this page came together.

Heidi Swapp Care Free Collection

Heidi Swapp Storyline Chapters Collection

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