How to Use Stamp Inspiration to Tell a Story


How to Use Stamp Inspiration to Tell a Story

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There are two things that have been a bit of a driving force lately when it comes to telling a story.

In no particular order:

The first one has to do with using embellishments for prompts. In this case it's a stamp prompt. Ali Edward's is probably the one that motivated this for me in the first place. The idea is to use the words from a stamp set and basically answer it with the story. Answering this can be by way of the photos used in the page layout. 


the answering happens more obviously by way of the journaling.

How to Use Stamp Inspiration to Tell a Story

The second driving force lately has been the reminder to tell stories of the every day. The events are the obvious stories to tell, right? I for one love a good birthday layout. Or that July 4th mini album I still want to tackle and tell.

How to Use Stamp Inspiration to Tell a Story

Today's layout found its way on a page by virtue of both of the above inspirations. 

How to Use Stamp Inspiration to Tell a Story

The Thank You Stamp from Heidi Swapp Shop is an obvious choice for thank you cards and tags. As a matter of fact, I have a well loved card you can see right HERE that uses this stamp in an evident way. This is pretty much the only stamp set you need for thank you cards. It's just that perfect.

How to Use Stamp Inspiration to Tell a Story

However, I could not help but use this stamp as a prompt for a photo of my dad with my sister and I.  Now grant it...this was Father's Day. The occasion was that we were actually all together taking a bit of time to do just that, be together. But the photo is more than that for me. The photo is not the occasion. The photo is my gratitude for my dad.

How to Use Stamp Inspiration to Tell a Story

The point of this post is this: Inspiration is truly found everywhere when you start to look for it. Looking at your camera roll I dare you not to find more photos that you will ever be able to tell.

Looking at your stamps or ephemera or stickers I bet so many of them could play the part of prompt for your next story too. 

And how blessed are we that we have so many stories to tell. What a gift that easy photography is these days to capture the everyday and provide for us memory and gratitude and story. Friends, let's not take this for granted. Let's move in the direction of these beautiful prompts in our life and leave evidence of that life. Whether it be a layout or mini album or a card with a photo to a friend. 

Tell your story. Share your heart. Give your love. I hope this post inspires you to do just those things.

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You can find the Heidi Swapp Thank You Stamp HERE.

The rest of the lovely Heidi Swapp Stamps can be accessed HERE.

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